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The Great Mortgage Settlement

This is another in a long series of wool-over-the-eyes attempts by our dear friends in DC. Herewith, compliments of the N.Y. Times, and columnists Nelson D. Schwartz and Shaila Dewan (NYT, February 8, 2012) is what the voters got:
"$17 billion would be earmarked for homeowner relief, roughly $3 billion would go for refinancing and a final $1 billion would be paid to the Federal Housing Administration." The other $5 Billion goes to bail out various states.

Our question is, and remains: Where are the settlements from Congresspersons for their role in creating laws pressuring banks into making bogus loans? When will Franklin Raines and his gang of Freddie & Fannie thugs be asked to fork over some of the $Billions in bonuses they got while cooking the books to make those loans look good. Where is Barney's fine as the Carnival Barker-in-chief for the scam? Will Greenspan be asked to pay up for his role in this mess? We leave these questions to you, dear readers but don't hold your breath waiting for the answers.