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Apache Design IPO follow up

Last month, I wrote about the upcoming Apache Design IPO. In a surprise move, Apache was acquired today by much for the first EDA IPO in a decade. 
At that time, we did not have share pricing or the number of shares being offered, just the maximum aggregate value of the offering. I hypothecated that Apache was trying to raise as much as $375M from the offering, which seemed a bit on the rich side relative to it's revenue, earnings potential, and cash flow. The market must have had similar feelings, as Apache fetched $310M. 
To those in the electronic design automation community, who were cheering for the first EDA IPO in a decade, this is a disappointment. That the acquisition of Apache after it filed for an IPO, just as the IPO was approaching, it a further dagger in the heart. Future EDA IPO filings will be viewed with more skepticism. 
Furthermore, Ansys is not strictly an EDA company. Ansys provides simulation software to enable engineers to design products that can be manufactured more efficiently, taking into account structural mechanics, fluid dynamics, electromagnetic and multiple other effects of physics, with more emphasis on the mechanical components than the electrical and electronic design issues the EDA addresses. This is the acquisition and integration of a company that deals with the power, noise, electromagnetic, and other electronic design issues into a division of company whose primary business is the simulation of the physical impacts on products.  It's quite far removed from synthesizing Verilog code and alters the landscape. 
Except for those who held shares of Apache, it's difficult to find a silver lining here, and I am assuming this turn of events nets out to be a disappointment to the EDA community.