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Let's Discuss Live ( LDL )

|Includes: Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS), LDL

I recall the time when working on the trading floor, I would send email approvals to traders or raise concerns on certain trades and I would instead a call back from the traders. They would request reconsideration or seek extension on an approval or a lower haircut on a specifically hairy trade and they would make the request on the phone. And they would argue their case. And at times quite well - well enough to certainly deserve a consideration and, sometimes, an actual approval.

However, the smarter ones would actually walk up to me and ask in person what they were requesting.

Reminded me of the 'LDL' term - recently brought out in GS emails.

There is nothing like an in-person conversation. Its good for team work, its good for relationship building and, sometimes, it can lead to avoiding potentially inappropriate siutations.


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