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Either Copper Is Too Cheap....

.....or the S&Ps are too expensive. (My opinion).

Divergences continue to develop (a la 2007 and 2011).

I'm a firm believer in mean reversion, but I also have to keep in mind the FOMC is pumping $85 billion into the economy (errrrrrr......Big Banks) every month.

According to Fed data in Feb of 2013, the FOMC (via the NY Fed) will buy about 75% of new 30 year Treasuries.

Do yourself a favor and look at this: .

On just about every business day this month, the Fed will pump between $1 billion and $5.75 billion into the system.

Of late, that wealth creating stimulus has been flowing into the Energies (Gasoline) and S&Ps/RUT (out of Metals/Bonds?)

I mention late August of 2010 (Jackson Hole/QEII announcement) often and you'll notice Copper's outperformance from that point until the European risk flares of 2011. Since then, Copper has lagged, but generally tracked alongside the S&Ps.

Today (2/19), however Copper is down 2.4% and the S&Ps are up another .55% (reference China liquidity REDUCING efforts).

Strange stuff is going on. Meanwhile CNBC keeps the "Countdown to All Time Highs on DJIA and S&Ps" in the bottom right hand corner.


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