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Daily US Deficit For 1/9/2013

I just posted a new "Daily Deficit" over at my personal blog with a bit more meat on it than on over if you are interested. If no, I am working on a few more ideas for SA articles...I'll probably do a Jan-2013 Revenue first glance to see if there has been any noticable revenue increases, but I need a few more weeks of data for that. I've also thought about doing a debt limit article, but am a bit perplexed as of how to model "Extraordinary Measures" with any degree of accuracy.

I would just encourage everyone interested in the topics I write on...Debt, Deficit, Fiscal Cliff, Debt Limit ect... to check out the personal site, if not daily than occasionally. Over there, i get to be a bit more gloom and doom and get to stray off topic a bit beyond what the editors over here would let me do....not complaining, it's just that SA has a specific audience in mind that not all of my writing really matches up with.