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The Publicly Traded Company For Baseball Card Collectors


One public company has shares traded on the NASDAQ and it grades sports cards and memorabilia

If you are bullish on sports card and memorabilia collecting, this stock may be for you.

It has a nice dividend yield.

AFor those who collect baseball cards and sports memorabilia, there is one company that offers collectors an opportunity to own shares in it.  That company is Collectors Universe Inc., ticker symbol $CLCT and it is a great stock to own in my opinion.  I will disclose that I have no position in the stock, however.

Back in the 1980's and 1990's, the Topps Company was a public company.  It no longer is however, so those who want a solid company to invest in might pick Collectors Universe.

As it stands now, it pays a 6.09% dividend yield at $1.40 per share per year, with the stock currently trading at $23.58 per share.

For those of you like me, we believe that baseball cards are a great hobby and I would even go so far to say they are a great alternative investment vehicle.  Collectors Universe, Inc. is well known for its PSA Grading, which grades baseball cards.  Baseball cards are assigned a great, when submitted, of 1-10.  10 is the highest and denotes a gem mint card.  Autographs can also be authenticated through its PSA/DNA authentication.

All in all, I must say this is definitely a stock I would consider baseball card fans to look into.

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