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Goldman Sach's Bearish Crude Oil Call Is Extremely Bullish!

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How bullish? The call by Goldman Sachs for $20 crude oil, is the most bullish thing crude oil has going for itself right now? Before you dismiss me as crazy, there is at least one other person who just might agree with me. That would be Mike Paulenoff, who tells us not to trust Goldman Sachs, click here. To understand where we are, just take a look at the daily chart of October Crude Oil:

Recently October Crude Oil futures bottomed at $37.91, but rallied to $49.22 just five trading days later. That is a rally of $11.31. When we bottom soon, we should get another upward thrust equal to the initial thrust of $11.31. Thus if $43.21 is the lowest we see during this consolidation, the price target on the next rally would be $43.21 plus $11.31, or a price target of $54.52. Ever since we had that big thrust out of the bottom, I have been calling for a move to the $50 to $54 level. I figured crude oil would correct down to the $41.50 level, so when you add $11.31 you would get a target of $52.81. But so far, the lowest price we have seen is $43.21, and this week's low was $43.36.

The Goldman Sachs Rule

Not to be confused with the "Golden Rule", the Goldman Sachs rule is a new technical calculation I have invented to get price targets. Here is how it works. If Goldman Sachs says we are going to make a new low down to some ridiculously low price, you look for a move in the opposite direction. Thanks GS for confirming that we are going higher in crude oil, the moment you came out with your ridiculous nonsence prediction of $20. Yes, I am looking for higher crude prices, rather than lower prices. How high? Well, the low so far was $37.91, and Goldman Sachs is calling for a drop to $20. Thus, GS is telling us we should drop another $17.91 lower than our most recent low. But instead of going down another $17.91, the "Goldman Rule" says to add the $17.91 to the low we have seen so far. Adding $17.91 to $37.91, you get a price target of $55.82. That is just a bit higher than the calculation of $54.52 that I have already been looking for.

So there you have it. Goldman Sachs says we are dropping to $20, but I, Robert Edwards, want to go on the record that I am predicting a similar rise off the recent crude oil low, in the opposite direction. I cam calling for a rise from the recent low, similar in magnitude to the drop GS is calling for. Thus, I am saying you should see a nearby crude oil at $55.82 before you see a price of $20. It will be fun to see how this works out!

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