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Vincent McCrudden - True Storyline How The US Regulators Stole A Life And Career For Sport

Follow the fascinating journey of Vincent McCrudden as he tries to fulfill his dreams, only to be thwarted at every turn by US Regulators. For sixteen years McCrudden is harassed, targeted, and defamed by regulators, but still manages to fulfill part of his dream by being one of the best performing hedge fund managers in the world in 2008 and 2009. Millions of taxpayer dollars were spent in pursuit of McCrudden, who never had a customer complaint in his 25 year career, while regulators missed and sometimes assisted in the real frauds in the financial industry like Bernie Madoff, Allen Stanford, and Russell Weisendorf, Sr. Some these frauds were perpetuated for up to 20 years right under the noses of the SEC, Finra, CFTC and NFA. In some cases like Madoff and Weisendorf, they were actually committee members of the regulators. US taxpayers lost trillions with a "T" during the financial crisis, while the largest financial institutions got bailed out. Not one single person at a large bank or financial institution was held accountable for the greatest fraud and transfer of wealth in history. McCrudden's journey is a tragic tale of abuse of power and injustice to a small, moral, ethical businessman. If destroying a life and career for sport can be done to McCrudden who fought back, it can easily to be done to anyone.