Please Note: Blog posts are not selected, edited or screened by Seeking Alpha editors. presents High Growth Penny Stocks with Strong Liquidity which includes HLXW, LFBG, ZVTK, CYCA, DTRO, HSCO, LKEN and MMTE indentifies penny stocks with potential of high growth for the coming week which includes HLXW, LFBG, ZVTK, DTRO, HSCO, LKEN and MMTE. The selected stocks have screened on basis of their high liquidity in the stock market. These stocks have been selected after a comprehensive screening based on technical analysis. selects the most lucrative penny stocks after based on their detailed due diligence so that their subscribers and followers could get the most profitable additions in their portfolios.
The selected stocks have been selected on basis on high momentum and heavy traded volumes. Moreover major technical analysis indicators such as moving averages, MACD (Moving Averages Convergence Divergence) and Relative Strength Index are also favoring the respective stocks’ movements. A brief overview of the stocks is as below:
Helix Wind Corp (OTC: HLXW) gained 10 percent to close at $0.0011 with traded volume of 50.07 million shares in its last trading session. The share price is highly volatile as depicted by its beta value of 20.44 times depicting the share price is likely to change by 20.44 times against 1 point change in market index. 
Left Behind Games Inc (OTC: LFBG) reported an increase of 2.63 percent to $0.0039 with overall traded volume of 47.22 million shares for the day. The share price maintains the relative strength index of 50 times.
Zevotek, Inc. (OTC: ZVTK) moved up by 17.14 percent to close at $0.0006 with traded volume of 46.71 million shares. The share price is near its oversold level as depicted by the relative strength index value of 46.15 times.
Cytta Corp (OTC: CYCA) jumped up by 33.33 percent to close at $0.0012 with total traded volume of 45.89 million shares. Moving averages signal a major trend change in the share price movement.
Deltron Inc (OTC: DTRO) surged 15.38 percent to close at $0.0015 in its last trading session. The traded volume stood at 31.92 million shares. The share price is moving in a bullish rally however its RSI value of 46 times depicts that DTRO is near its oversold level. 
Hi Score Corp. (PINK: HSCO) gained 50 percent in its last trading session to $0.0003 with traded volume of 250.90 million shares for the day. The share price maintains the negative beta value of 1.15 times which depicts that HSCO is likely to move by 1.15 times against 1 point change in market index in the opposite direction.
LUKE ENTERTAINMENT (PINK: LKEN) jumped up by 45.45 percent to close at $0.0016 for the day with total traded volume of 224.13 million shares in its last trading session. MACD Moving Averages Convergence Divergence signals further bullish movement in the share price.
MAMMOTH ENERGY GRP (PINK: MMTE) surged 66.67 percent to close at $0.0005 with total traded volume of 213.73 million shares for the day. The share price is near its oversold level as per its RSI value of 40 times however moving averages signal a major upward change in the share price movement.
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