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One Day trade for tomorrow and One Long Term Play

|Includes: CBLI, Lawson Software, Inc. (LWSN)
Lawson Software, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise software solutions targeting specific services industries. They offer comprehensive financial management, human resources, professional services automation, procurement, distribution and customer relationship management solutions designed to manage, analyze and improve our customers' businesses. Their software solutions automate and integrate critical business processes, facilitating collaboration among customers, partners, suppliers and employees.
% of Insider Shareholders: 14.2%
% of Institutional Shareholders: 76.3%
Pivot Point 1st Level Support
Pivot Point 2nd Level Support
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Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. (NASDAQ:CBLI), incorporated on June 5 2003, is a biotechnology company focused on developing biodefense, tissue protection and cancer treatment drugs based on the concept of modulation of cell death for therapeutic benefit. CBLI’s pipeline includes products from two primary families of compounds: protectans and curaxins. It is developing protectans as drug candidates that protect healthy tissues from acute stresses, such as radiation, chemotherapy and ischemia (pathologies that develop as a result of blocking blood flow to a part of the body). Curaxins are being developed as anticancer agents that could act as mono-therapy drugs or in combination with other existing anticancer therapies.

Pivot Point 1st Level Support


Pivot Point 2nd Level Support
Always remember to protect yourself with our fundamental rules. Your Stop- loss and above and beyond everything, always take a Profit on a day trade and do not get greedy. A profit is a profit , no matter how small..