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Top Traded Pharma Stocks at AMEX: (OPK, RPC, AEN, KAD, ULU)

|Includes: KAD, Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXPC), SYN
March 25, 2011
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Opko Health Inc. (AMEX:OPK) surged by 1.30% to close at $3.89 with overall traded volume of 1.68 million shares in the last trading day. The current market price is 4.32% less than its last 50 days simple moving average. The share price is likely to move by 1.45 times against 1 point change in market index.

Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (AMEX:RPC) went up by 3.85% and closed at $0.41 whereas total traded volume stood at 1.76 million shares for the day as compare to its average volume stood at 6.40 million. The RSI value of 37.31 times depicts that the current share value is in oversold level.

Adeona Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMEX:AEN) closed at $1.78 after moving up by 15.58% with traded volume of 2.42 million shares in the last trading day. The company maintains strong short term liquidity position with current ratio of 11.15 times.


Arcadia Resources, Inc. (AMEX:KAD) reported the fall of 14.29% and closed at $0.12 whereas overall traded volume stood at 2.67 million shares for the day. The share price is at its oversold level with relative strength index stands at 38.27 times till its last trading session.

Uluru Inc. (AMEX:ULU) witnessed the correction of 13.77% to close at $0.07 with total traded volume of 5.66 million shares in the last trading day. Its outstanding shares stood at 82.12 million. Its total market capitalization arrived at $5.91 million.