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Qualifications and Limitations

Anyone who believes it is time to purchase an affordable health insurance policy has much homework to accomplish first. An insurance policy to protect you from a catastrophic illness is one of the most important things you will do in your entire life. You can plan and try to prepare for many aspects of your life, but health insurance is an entirely new ball game.

This is quite conceivably one of the most important aspects that you have control. You will have to do some research though, in order to locate a very comprehensive low cost health insurance policy that you can at an expense you can afford.  You will find there could be times during your life when you either transfer to a popular health insurance plan with an employer or will be applying for a short-term temporary insurance policy.

Of course, unfortunately, there will also be those occasions when you have no medical health insurance at all. Understand the older you become and the medical history you are developing will remain with you throughout your life. However, there are a few pieces of information when investigating affordable health insurance you will want to keep in mind.

1.    Amount or percentage of co-payments

2.    The amount you must pay out of pocket for the annual deductible

3.    Pre-certification, as this could cost you even more out of pocket expense

The amount or percentage of co-payments according to your health care provider is the amount you are obligated to pay out of pocket. This really depends if this is the fulfillment of a medical physician office appointment, or if this is for an in-stay hospitalization and the amount of time spent in the hospital. Much of the time, the medical physician office appointment is easily recoverable. The hospital confinements sometimes present a problem.

This can cause you much difficulty when the hospital confinement time begins to add up over days and weeks. However, the health insurance quotes you received before enrolling with a particular health insurance provider should have explained the difference to you in clear language.

As you can see this is going to require serious thought before you agree to remain with a particular health insurance provider. You will also want to consider a high deductible, especially when there are no young children involved. This will help to reduce your average monthly cost for health insurance throughout the year. Take your time, do your homework, research, and above all think this through before deciding on one particular health care provider.


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