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S&P 500 Trend Model

Dont get caought by market turn downs again like in 2008.
There is no need to pay for this advice either. View our chart via our blog or set up your own chart.

Our FREE chart determines our long term market strategy of being long or in cash. Once the medium term trend is in the same direction as the chart we then enter the market. Short term information should assist in your execution of trades.

Our chart is a 5 week crossing over 21 week ema either above or below to signal a change on a S&P500 weekly chart. * We had been using 5 week and 20 week ema but switched to this when we found it on a web search @ portfolio123. Used by itself as the only indicator, since Aug 2006 till Sept 2010 you would of had 5 buys and 4 sells.

Our Market Trend Signal:

PSTIFreestockChart – Portfolio Strategy Trend Indicator — Bull Trend

The need to pay attention to current market and trend condtions is also of importance. We provide an analysis of current market data.11 total indicators are analysed. The supporting data show support of the current trends’ internal strengths. View this information as a check up of the markets current condition. Seeking to diagnose general or specific risks that may affect Mr. Markets health. We post a few other urls to evaluate and cross check the markets overall tone. All indicators are lagging. Updated once a week.

Market Condition Indicator

PSMCI – 12 – positive condition

positive condition: 10 to 14

caution: 6-9

negative condition: 1-5

We are not forecasting what will happen. ANALYZE the current market, EVALUATE the results, REACT if needed.

Trend Model Instructions:

  1. Identify the current primary long term market trend
  2. Recognize the shorter term trends.
  3. Analyze the current trend(s) health condition/strength.
  4. If trend model identifies possible actions are needed per your portfolio, respond accordingly.
This is only one important part of a total trading system. You also need to know when exactly to enter and exit positions. How much to buy, what to buy, etc……