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Fidelity 7Twelve Diversified Portfolio Rebalance: Jan-2015

|Includes: BND, BNDX, TIP, VB, VNQ, VO, Vanguard S&P 500 ETF (VOO), VWO, VXUS

Last July (2014) I adopted my Rollover IRA holdings to align with the 7Twelve portfolio. My asset allocation was already very similar. The largest change for me was to equal all of the holdings and to add a cash portion.

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Even though this past December was only the 4 month mark, I want to get into the habit of annual rebalancing. With the fall in oil and overall commodities prices, I waited until the end of January.

Am I trying to time the market? Yes and No. I know I cannot time the market. Chances are, oil and commodities will continue to fall. At the moment it looks like the Natural Resources fund has settled around $30/share.

You can see, since July-2014 the leaders were the REIT fund and the S&P 500. The losers were Pimco's commodity fund and the Natural Resources fund.