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New Trading Course Book from's Corey Rosenbloom

 by Jeffrey Lin

As many of you know, Corey Rosenbloom of is a great friend of mine, especially in the trading community where twenty-something's like us have little reason to be hanging around with traders and analysts mostly 40 and over.  Before meeting Corey at the MoneyShow's LA Traders EXPO two years ago, I was a big fan of reading his blog, like several thousand others (and which readership continues to skyrocket!).  However, though I learned a lot about technical analysis, market psychology, and trade setups through his blog posts, each blog post usually about a stock or market index would illustrate only analysis about that trade at that time.  In other words, these were pieces and parts of technical analysis and market structure, but it took a long time to collect all the pieces and you never know if you have all of them and how they all fit together.

It was great to finally watch Corey's full presentation at the LA Expo where he discussed a few of his favorite stock market trading concepts from beginning to end.  Since then I've Corey's done a ton more trading seminars both live and online.  He even one which he did for me when I was part of FINZ TV, which was fantastic and I'm grateful he was able to do that for us.  Still, even these seminars only cover some major topics but I know from his blog and his certification as one of the few CMT (Certified Market Technicians) around, Corey has a lot more to offer and teach.

So I was super excited when Corey told me he was writing a book bringing together everything he teaches on his blog, seminars, and privately to his mentoring students.  I got a great present to kick off the new year when I got Corey's book "The Complete Trading Course" in the mail.  Don't let Corey's CMT designation fool you.  He approaches technical analysis as one of the tools to accessing the market and being a successful trader.  But as a trader himself, he knows that along with technical analysis you need a trade plan or strategy to take advantage of the results of your analysis.  Maybe more importantly, there are a variety of ways to execute and manage a trade, which depends both on the technical structure of the market and your own psychology.

Thus Corey's "The Complete Trading Course" is just that.  If you ever wanted to know all the relevant skills and what's important to succeed at trading, while ignorning other noise, this is your course.  He doesn't include too many extraneous concepts but focuses on exactly what you need to know to understand what is happening in the market, the most common and time-tested ways of analyzing and trading a market, and finally the tactics you can use to execute trades consistently and win.  I'm not finished with the book yet, so I can't give a full review right now, but to me it seems Corey has filtered down for us in this book all the complex things he's learned as a CMT AND a successful trader and mentor.