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Trader & Investor Tax Advantages Webcast Invite with Steve Ribble

Just letting everyone know we're doing another Trader and Investor Public Service Webcast, cohosted by Hamzei Analytics.  We've invited back Tax Expert and trader Steve Ribble whom we had speak about Trader Tax Status in December.  We're doing this right in the heart of Tax season to help everyone with their 2010 taxes as well as plan ahead to see what tax advantages and tax rebates you could get through your trading and investment activities.  See what you can take advantage of for writeoffs on your tax forms related to your investment activities including investment advisory newsletters, trading chatroom subscriptions, payments for seminar classes, charting software, and much more.

Join us live with Steve Ribble

When:  Wednesday March 9, 2011 @ 7pm EST.
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We’d like to give a big thanks to Hamzei Analytics for providing the hosting platform for this event! Steve is an active member of HamzeiAnalytics’ High Frequency Trading Chatroom. Hamzei Analytics is in its twelfth year of operations and serves both the professional and institutional traders, while providing custom proprietary analytics to a select group of hedge fund managers.

Check out Steve Ribble’s “Trader Tax Status” Webcast we did in December as part of our Trader and Investor Public Service.

Steve Ribble Bio

Steve Ribble has been involved with the securities markets since 1991 in various capacities. He was VP at Principal Financial Securities 1995 to 1998 and Regional Vice President Deutsche Bank Asset Management 1998 to 2008. Steve started doing taxes about 10 yrs ago while still at Deutsche Bank. He started Shrink My Taxes to focus on proactive tax planning and tax services. Trader tax issues were a natural combination of his 2 passions. Steve has 4 full time tax professionals with over 70 years of combined tax experience working with him, currently serving over 2000 clients. In his free time (away from taxes and the markets) he coaches his son’s U-12 soccer team and study Wing Chun Kung Fu.