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HeistCAST Newsletter: If You Missed it on MarketHEIST in March '11

March Event: 2 Full Days with The Three Gurus + 6 Experts

Recession, recovery, government interventions, geopolitical crisis, and natural disasters are all contributing to unprecedented market conditions. On March 23-24, The Three Gurus Plus global derivatives seminar will bring decades of experience for your benefit. Larry McMillan, Price Headley, and Fari Hamzei as well as Fast Money's Guy Adami and Jon 'DRJ' Najarian, Carolyn Boroden, Greg Jensen, and CBOE Instructors Jim Bittman and Russell Rhoads will bring 10 sessions of top trading education. See Schedule »

Our Chance to help Japan. Please Join Us.

Investors and traders often look at crisis as opportunities to profit from the volatility. That's just the nature of the business, and there's not much we can do to change the situation. But it doesn't change the fact that what's happening in Japan and Libya is tragic, and we have control over what we do with those profits. Read More »

Correctly Using Basic Indicators with the Trend

Video tutorial from Indicator Warehouse (for NinjaTrader) featuring Erich Senft explaining how to adjust basic technical analysis indicators to have trade signals sooner.Read More »


First Rule of Trading: Follow Your Rules

Discipline is essential for succeeding in various aspects of life, including sports, careers, health, and trading. Eli Radke of TraderHabits explains this psychology of success. Read More »

How to Find Top Performing Stocks with TC2000

Take advantage of the computing power at your fingertips and have TC2000's software scan and sort for outperforming and underperforming stocks, sectors, and industries.Read More »

Options Trading Tips to Fade the Market

There are lots of different ways to take a bullish stance given all the various types of option-trading strategies out there. So, the question really is: Which is best? Read More »



  MarketHEIST Original

Money Playbook: Blitz Sack Red Candle (Colts vs. Jets)

TODAY! Man vs. Machine
11am EST

Jeff Quinto, CME Guest Educator, hosts on his Electronic Futures Trader Mentoring a strategy session webcast with MrTopStep. Register »

RECORDED: Trader Public Service - Trader Entities Advantages with Steve Ribble

Our exclusive webcast cohosted with Hamzei Analytics featuring tax expert Steve Ribble on the advantages of setting up a Trader Entity for active traders. Watch »

READING: The Complete Trading Course by Corey Rosenbloom

This book is a complete guide for traders of all skill levels to apply technical analysis concepts of price patterns, strategies, setups, and how to execute your trades to succeed in the market. Read »

ARCHIVED: Market Wizard Insights Seminar presented by Jack Schwager

Jack Schwager, known worldwide for his bestselling book series “Market Wizards,” presents in this seminar the lessons, details, and secrets he learned from interviewing the most successful traders ever. Watch »