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MarketHEIST Review Newsletter: Issue 3 (Algo Trading, Poker Position Sizing, Price Volume Patterns)

Special Video: How Algorithmic Trading is Changing the World (not just on Wall Street)

Yan Ohayon speaks about his experience with algorithmic (aka algo) trading or HFT (high frequency trading) and how this new computer driven stock market is impacting the markets, our lives, and the world. Read & Watch »

The Three Gurus Global Derivatives: Early Pricing Ends 4/20/11

MarketHeist is proud to be involved with an event of this caliber with an all-star speaker list: Larry McMillan, Price Headley, Fari Hamzei, Jon DRJ Najarian, Dan Sheridan, Carolyn Boroden, and Greg Jensen. Not just another online seminar but 2-days of intensive training. See Schedule »

Price & Volume Patterns: Predictive Indicator Analysis & Trading Strategies

The counterintuitive logic confuses traders and inhibits their ability to decipher volume at key turning points. Hedge fund manager, trader, analyst & former floor trader Michele Schneider explains the skill of trading and understanding volume. Read More »


Position Sizing & Money Management: Stack the Deck, Improve Odds to Win

Online poker players may be out of luck with the closing of internet poker sites, but they could use their card playing skills at trading. Frank Perry shares a simple card game to help you with trade position sizing & risk management. Read More »

How to Be Aggressive: On the Football Field and Trading Desk

Whether you're naturally aggressive or not, Eli Radke shares some trading psychology and trading improvement techniques for helping you be aggressive and succeed when you need to. Read More »

MUST READ: Technical Analysis of Stock Trends

Known as the Bible of Technical Analysis, this book goes beyond price, volume, and chart analysis. Full explanations of financial market activity of investors and traders that causes patterns and trends. Insight into actual activity of trading and reasoning behind why and how technical analysis works.Check it out »

Free 2 Week Trading on

Be guided to learn to trade stocks, options & futures.Get ongoing education with guest speakers, webinars & coaching/mentoring. Join an environment of collaboration with other successful traders Check it out »

MarketHEIST Originals

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RECORDED: Stock Bandit Jeff White Trader Interview

Jeff White describes his trading methods, strategies, as well as how he scours the market for trading ideas and opportunities. With his specialty in technical analysis, Jeff shares his process for doing his market analysis homework to identify a watchlist of stocks with technical patterns he will follow. Watch »