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Review of Experience with HFT Twitter Futures & Options Trading Service

contributed independently by @benc11

My name is Ben and I have been trading stocks and options for over 5 years. I have been trading futures for about 2 years. I have subscribed to numerous services over the years with very few producing little or no results. If you’re looking for a service that will tell you when to buy and sell and always be correct…it simply doesn’t exist.

Six months ago, I started trading emini futures with Fari Hamzei of Hamzei Analytics and his High Frequency Trading (HFT) service. Hamzei Analytics HFT is like joining a family/community of emini futures traders lead by a one of a kind market timer — trader extraordinaire Fari Hamzei. HFT includes access to Fari’s proprietary indicators via streaming TradeStation charts, (via an Internet browser), real-time Twitter updates via a private twitter feed when Fari enters and exits a trade and typically includes targets and what he’s looking for in the trade, and best of all a chatroom lead by Fari with an incredible roster of moderators including super trader Brad Sullivan (one of the best futures traders ever) and experienced professional and independent traders. There is a trader who trades TF (Russell 2000 emini future) and in my opinion is the TF whisperer, another experienced trader uses impressive risk management to trade CL (Crude Oil futures) like no other, and the list goes on. This is the ultimate way to learn and make yourself a better trader.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the Option trades part of the service, which in my opinion are the best in the industry. A recent trade into earnings had 70% break-even odds by expiration but in my opinion unless the company completely missed earnings and/or provided poor guidance it was a winner from the moment we put it on (after 90 mins of real-time trading it returned over $3.00 per contract on an initial $1.00 trade).

Now comes the cost of this service. You may be thinking it costs $250, $500, $750 or even in the $1,000’s per month. Wrong. It’s only $50/mo, which is 1 ES point. In my opinion, you should be able to make at least 1 ES point a day consistently over the month even if you’re only trading 1 or 2 contracts.

My personal results have been unbelievable. I love to trade and Fari and his services have helped my overall trading, provides continuing education, and has had such an incredible impacted my life for which I will be ever so grateful. I know by talking with others who subscribe to Fari’s services that I am not the only one who feels this way, but Fari would say “the service is Home Depot style — Do It Yourself, and besides you’re the one executing the trades” and wouldn’t give himself the credit he truly deserves, but that’s just his humble nature.

If you’re looking to enhance your existing trading or are new to trading I highly recommend you check out Hamzei Analytics HFT service. Hamzei Analytics has a few other services, which I subscribe to a couple them (all of which typically pay for themselves the 1st day of the subscription month). One thing this industry lacks is affordable education and peer trading groups. I feel Hamzei Analytics’ HFT service provide both education and a trading group of like minded traders.

Lastly, Fari devotes many weekends to hosting free webinars to talk about current market events or anything else that may be important. He also periodically hosts webinars for other traders he respects and that can provide a different view, method, or service. Not many people would devote their time to help educating and giving back to other traders.

DISCLOSURE: I am an independent trader and am providing this review based on my personal experience. I make no warranty or guarantee of future results. The above review is my personal opinion and only my opinion. I am writing this review to help others gain access to valuable education and services. I am not being compensated for this review nor do I have any financial interest in Hamzei Analytics, with the exception of utilizing their great services.