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Review Report: Mish’s Market Minute Stock Trading Video Newsletter

Mish’s Market Minute Video Newsletter by MarketGauge is one of the early adopters of a new format for stock trading advisory newsletters.  It is produced daily by market analyst, trader, and fund manager Michele “Mish” Schneider – a former floor trader for 20+ years (see my interview with Michele).

Unlike the traditional newsletters (newsletters sent by mail with pages of written analysis and stock recommendations), a new trend is emerging.  Professional traders utilize social media and web2.0 technologies to guide their subscribers through the markets.  In particular, Mish’s Market Minute uses video screencasts to analyze the markets and stock trades for its subscribers.  Michele sends out numerous tweets to stay in touch with her subscribers throughout the trading day.  She constantly alerts subscribers of what to do with the trade ideas and also educate subscribers by passing on her 20+ years of trading experience.  Michele has successfully harnessed the power of new technologies to bring her subscribers into her trading room.

The best way for investors and traders to learn the stock market is to trade alongside a professional, day in and day out, learning from a mentor’s experience as either an intern or a assistant trader.  That is the virtual experience you receive with Mish’s Market Minute Video Newsletter, except you’re not getting coffee and working for a fund manager; you’re working for yourself.  This is not a one-on-one mentorship.  Rather, Michele sends out the same videos and tweets to all the subscribers.  marketHEIST designated “rookies” (skill level 1) with limited market concept be aware: Michele uses market and technical analysis terminology that you’ll have to learn up-front.  However, we approve this for rookies due to Michele’s proficiency as a teacher.  She keeps things simple and hold your hand with twitter updates.


Daily Stock Market Analysis Videos- Mondays Through Thursdays

Daily videos containing market analysis and stock trade ideas are recorded during market hours while the market is moving.  In today’s fast and volatile markets, the best trade entry, trade adjustment, and trade exits happen during the day.  It is a great benefit to subscribers to watch Michele analyze the markets when stocks are moving. Furthermore, seeing Michele’s analysis in real-time will give you confidence in Michele that she is truly a great trader rather than someone who analyzes missed trade opportunities after the fact.

People at work – don’t worry, you can still benefit and trade alongside Michele if you can take 15 minutes during the workday or at night to watch her analysis updates. The trade suggestions Michele identifies are intended for mini swing trading, day trading, and position trading (hold stocks couple days to weeks).  As long as you watch the markets daily and have time to place your trades, you can easily follow this service.

In the daily video analysis, Michele begins with a broad market analysis using the index ETFs such as the SPY (S&P 500) and QQQQ (Nasdaq 100).  Then she drills down into high-quality stock trade recommendations.  Using the same basic method, Michele gives you the main and backup plans as well as different trading scenarios to consider.  You’ll learn to anticipate what the market might do, and what your initial and backup plans should be.  Getting accustomed to to Michele’s method may take a few days, but the method is simple and consistent.  If you consistently watch her videos, you should have her methods ingrained in your head and analyze trades the same way.  Michele also produces shorter free stock analysis videos every night, recapping some of the stocks she mentioned in the premium video for subscribers.

Twitter Real-Time Trade Alerts

The premium subscription videos gives you an action plan and what to watch for, but the private twitter updates tells you when to do what and how.  Even with the video analysis to prepare you before the trade and to recap the trade, it is often hard to know exactly what to do in the heat of battle.  Michele tells you in real-time when she acts on the stocks mentioned in the videos, how much she bought or sold, where she takes partial or full profits, and when she takes an emergency stop to get out of a position.  She is with you every step of the way through the trades.  It helps reinforce the trade plan and analysis from the video so her methods eventually become second nature to you.  Twitter is the most efficient way to communicate to all subscribers in real-time such information.  The learning atmosphere becomes complete by allowing you exercise what you’ve learned in the videos as the trade happens.  As any successful trader knows, trading is a performance sport: you must practice and exercise your skills to improve.  You can also follow Michele’s free twitter updates (different from the subscription updates).


Mish’s Evening Watchlist Emails

If you were working for a fund, this nightly email would be equivalent to memos you might receive from the head trader to prepare for the next day.  Michele starts with a short commentary analysis of the major indexes such as the S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Russell 2000, gold, and oil.  She includes recaps of what she’s identified in her videos as key things to observe in the market as well as follow up with any trades.  Included is a focused watchlist of longs, shorts, and possible trades based on MarketGauge’s “HotScans” technology.  She gives short, simple instructions for each stock in the lists to buy above or short below a certain price.  When you’ve done your homework, things aren’t complicated.

Extras: Nuggets List and ETF Monitor

Subscribers access to the same professional trading tools that Michele uses to find and analyze trades.  Once you learn Michele’s trading style and strategies, you can use the same tools to find your own trades outside of those Michele picks for you. The Nuggets List (normally $75/mo) and ETF Monitor from MarketGauge is the same services used by professional fund managers. Because MarketGauge is the originator of these services, you’re able to get ETF Monitor and Nuggets List as part of Mish’s Market Minute.

Final Note

You won’t feel you’re completely dependent on Michele because you’re given all the same tools.  However, we advise that you stay with Michele’s service through a couple of market cycles and conditions.  Even when you feel comfortable with her style during a bull market phase and can find trades on your own doesn’t mean it’ll be the same when the market turns down.  The markets is a deceptive beast.  Just when you feel comfortable with what you’ve learned, it changes the game on you.  With each phase and change in the market’s behavior, it is beneficial to see how Michele handles the different situations and stays profitable.


Recommended Skill Rating: Rookie (1) and Above

Overall Score: 4.1
Great service to trade alongside a professional trader and money manager each and everyday.  Expert trader Michele Schneider takes you through everything she does to prepare and make trades, showing you her methods of success developed over 20+ years of trading experience.

Quality: 4
Michele is a great trader and analyst who is great at explaining what she does and why she does each trade.  She is very professional in her presentation, showing you how a professionals do solid homework day in and day out.

Credibility: 5
Michele “Mish” Schneider is a former Member/Trader of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa at NYMEX and COMEX trading floors in NYC. Former Market Analyst for Continental Grain. Former Floor Analyst for Conti-Commodities. Current Trader/Partner in Picatinny Partner’s Hedge Fund. Co-Author of the Complete Swing Trading System. Director of Trading Research & Education for MarketGauge.

Value: 4
The best way for investors and traders to learn the stock market is to trade alongside a professional, day in and day out, learning from a mentor’s experience as either an intern or a assistant trader.  That is the virtual experience you receive with Mish’s Market Minute Video Newsletter, except you’re not getting coffee and working for a fund manager; you’re working for yourself.

Features: 4
There’s no fancy gimmicks, but just the Nuggets List and ETF Monitor is worth more than the whole Mish’s Market Minute service if you know how to use them.  These are professional high-quality scanning tools that helps you zero in on the best trades at opportune times.

Reliability: 4
The website is very reliable and loads quickly with no foreseeable bandwidth issues.  Depending on what twitter service you use, you may get a slight delay when getting the trade updates, but you can always access the updates by logging into directly.

User Friendly: 5
The important features on the website are all one or two clicks away.  All past video archives are stored together so you can review them at any time.  The Nuggets List and ETF Monitors are each organized to show you stocks that are ripe for different types of trades.

Support: 3
There’s not a lot of support or documentation on this website. If you’re a beginner or unfamiliar with technical analysis, there is no real “Technical Analysis Primer” or “Technical Analysis 101″ to get you up to speed.  However, a great benefit is Michele personally answers emails and twitter Direct Messages (DM’s) so you can get all your trade questions answered and discuss strategies with her.

About Michele “Mish” Schneider
  • Former Member/Trader of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX and COMEX in NYC
  • Former Market Analyst for Continental Grain
  • Former Floor Analyst for Conti-Commodities
  • Current Analyst, Producer, Writer, Newscaster for Mish’s Market Minute
  • Current Trader/Partner in Picatinny Partner’s Hedge Fund
  • Co-Author of the Complete Swing Trading System
  • Director of Trading Research & Education for MarketGauge
  • M.S. Special Education C.W. Post/Long Island University
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MarketGauge provides software tools and training for the individual who is serious about succeeding as a day trader, swing trader, or active investor. Applying insider knowledge gained from years of professional trading experience on and off the floor, MarketGauge’s master traders created the powerful proprietary web-based software tools currently used by thousands of individual traders as well as institutional clients such as Reuters, Barrons Online, Fidelity, Intershow, and Townsend Analytics. In addition, MarketGauge has pioneered trader education responsive to emerging market conditions with the in-depth trader training video newsletter Mish’s Market Minute – Premium.