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Less Is More!

|Includes: PowerShares DB USD Bull ETF (UUP)

A few years ago my attention was almost totally devoted to three different projects.

I was also day-trading Euro-Dollar CFD'S on the side.

This could have been a very stupid idea.

I didn't have a lot of time to watch the markets. I'd make my call and take my positions, always entering a target and stop loss, at the inception of every new trade.

Maybe once a day, I glanced at the rates for less than five minutes, I closed a trade or and looked at the possibility of opening a new position.

During this spell, I chalked up twenty successful trades in a row. My best every run.

The reason I believe! Neglect!

Over thinking a position is futile.

Some of the greatest sportspeople have not been wonderful speakers or students.

They have been gifted with an exceptional talent, which they didn't over-think when the pressure was on.

With so many complex forces that can change the direction of a currency, it is easy to get lost in the 'what if's'. Or consider too many variables, which leaves you what I call an impotent strategy.

Your theory may sound clever, but it's about as useful as an umbrella in an avalanche.

Brian Kiely

Forex For