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Poor Loser – Don ‘T Play

There are games for people who hate to loose. Those who have to show publicly that they are winners…

The list is long especially if you want to play by yourself -



Any XBOX single player game

Any PLAYSTION single player game

In fact with anything you play yourself it is easy to imagine you are a champion.

All you need to do is play beginner mode, stack the odds in you favour, hide your defeats and promote your victories.

One of the biggest fallacies is playing forex in practice accounts, where you get an imaginary FREE $50,000 to $1,000,000 account to play with.

No consequences = No education.

The moment you play with real money against real traders, the bitter taste of defeat quickly becomes a sickening flavor you have to adjust to.

Forex, despite initiate perceptions, is not a game for the lone player. You take on all comers and quickly know if you win or lose.

There are no ways of avoiding losses, so you may as well be prepared to take them before you begin.

Brian Kiely