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Sbarro Claims Filing Deadline (Bar Date) Set

Bankruptcy Judge Shelley Chapman entered an order on Thursday setting the deadline (or bar date) for the filing of proofs of claim on account of certain types of claims against Sbarro, Inc. and its affiliates (the affiliate entities are listed at the end of this post).  The companies filed pre-arranged chapter 11 cases in the Southern District of New York on April 4, 2011.  They operate a chain of over 1,000 "Italian quick service restaurants" and generate over $300 million in annual revenues.


The order requires creditors to file proofs of claim on account of certain claims arising before the April 4, 2011 petition date (including 503(b)(9) claims) so that they are received by Sbarro's claims agent by or before 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) on July 8, 2011.  Governmental entities are required to file their proofs of claim by 5:00 p.m. (Eastern) on October 3, 2011.  The order provides details of the categories of claims for which the bar date applies and the procedures which creditors must follow in order to file a valid proof of claim.


You can access a copy of the bar date order by following this link.


To access copies of other significant court filings from Sbarro's bankruptcy case, please visit:


The affiliates of Sbarro, Inc. covered by Judge Chapman's order are:



  • Sbarro Holdings, LLC 
  • Carmela’s of Kirkman Operating, LLC 
  • Carmela’s of Kirkman LLC 
  • Carmela’s, LLC 
  • Corest Management, Inc. 
  • Demefac Leasing Corp. 
  • Larkfield Equipment Corp. 
  • Las Vegas Convention Center LLC 
  • Sbarro America Properties, Inc. 
  • Sbarro America, Inc. 
  • Sbarro Blue Bell Express LLC 
  • Sbarro Commack, Inc. 
  • Sbarro Express LLC 
  • Sbarro New Hyde Park, Inc. 
  • Sbarro of Las Vegas, Inc. 
  • Sbarro of Longwood, LLC 
  • Sbarro of Virginia, Inc. 
  • Sbarro Pennsylvania, Inc. 
  • Sbarro Properties, Inc. 
  • Sbarro Venture, Inc. 
  • Sbarro’s of Texas, Inc. 
  • Umberto at the Source, LLC 
  • Umberto Deer Park, LLC 
  • Umberto Hauppauge, LLC 
  • Umberto Hicksville, LLC 
  • Umberto Huntington, LLC 
  • Umberto White Plains, LLC