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3 Financial Resolutions You Should Be Able To Keep In 2013

There's no telling what the government will ultimately decide to do to the average saver and financial planner in 2013. In fact, the only thing that is guaranteed at this point is a headache for those of us trying to keep up with what we may need to do to maximize financial planning and tax strategy for 2013.

The best financial resolutions we can make at this point, it seems is outside of taxes - at least for now. Here are three financial resolutions you can plan to keep, regardless of the government.

Bundle Services

Almost every household has cell phone service, some sort of cable television package and internet. If you aren't already using a bundled package, investigate the possibilities of combining things like phone and cable. Add in internet services and you may be able to save even more.

By getting only the basic services and asking for the smallest offer available, you may be surprised at how much you don't need in the current package you get and how much you can save by doing just the minimum. Offers through AT&T or special deals through a Verizon promo code can likely save you even more.

Clean House for Profit

Sure, we all like to get organized in the New Year, but this is also a time to sell off the junk that has accumulated over time. Dig deep into those closets and drawers for old cell phones, game systems that aren't used anymore and any number of old tools, speaker systems and computers.

Donate all of those items this week for a big tax write-off (assuming charitable donations aren't hit too hard), or get money right away by selling those items on Craigslist or eBay. It may seem like a hassle, but all those small items can add up to big bucks for savings or a new investment.

Try Bartering for Services

Everyone wants to minimize taxable income this year, so why not try something that has worked for thousands of years? Bartering! Rather than paying cash for something of value, you can trade for it. Need a plumber? Offer him some of those old household items or exchange his hour of time for an hour of your own if you happen to have a marketable skill like web design or financial consulting.

You can even offer tax or investment consultation services in exchange for the electrician's time! Not sure what you can barter? Check out the Barter section on Craigslist to get some ideas. Once you get into bartering, it's hard to stop! After all, a good barter is beneficial for both parties.