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Emergency need to build the ‘Recession-free Zone’ without depending on the money market and the government!

Dear Friends,

Sub: Emergency need to build the ‘Recession-free Zone’ without depending on the money market and the government!

With reference to the subject above, I am feeling to forward some of my articles for your kind perusal. This is also the last chapter of my forthcoming book NUCLEUS OF THE ABSOLUTE.

I am a college dropout, but consider nature as sole teacher. During 1994, at the time of powerful transforming experience of detachment, I realized all the proceedings, which are happening now in economics, science and technology. In this process, I realized that from the minute elementary particle to vast cosmos there is some unidentified electromagnetic circuitry system that connects everything. I decided to study this entangled electromagnetic message carrying system of nature in depth and present it in a scientific manner. After manifold observations and study over the last fourteen years, nature has revealed to me the underlying truth associated with the electromagnetic behavior pattern of cosmic creation encompassing both matter and mind. This clairvoyant occurrence of the psyche helped me in 1994 to foresee the impending economic danger where money cannot continue its journey as a medium of exchange. In this process, I have completed a book connected with the past, present and future movements of human psyche in tune with nature. I have named it, ‘Nucleus of the Absolute’. It is a manifold impetus to humanity’s efforts at unification and integration at various levels, be it the attempts of the physicists to arrive at a Grand Unified Theory or the attempts of philosophers to formulate a comprehensive ‘Theory of Everything’.

Apart from the book, I have finished two major mold breaking hypotheses connected with the emerging science of the New Age:

    • Perpetual motion of the universe and Quantum Entanglement
    • Future Outcome of Large Hadron Collider and the True Nature of the Higgs Mechanism

This will give you the exact nature of the impending financial turmoil of the world and relativity with the emerging science of the 21st Century. You can cross check the scientific credibility of my hypotheses by sending it to the concerned persons, organozations ot the media. Before the final collapse of the global currency system I intend to release my all revealed writings, innovations and the hypotheses to the world.

All over the world the great revival of natural science has begun. People have started extracting electricity from water, earth battery, tree, eel fish, Tesla coil, electromagnet, atmosphere and elsewhere. The emerging science of the New Age has started her spectacular activity by giving birth to the perpetual motion machines that exposes the hidden science of dipolar and monopolar effects of the electromagnetic force which permeates the universe.  It seems that nature is in a hurry to ignite the electromagnetic revolution in the world like a bushfire. Interestingly, this bushfire is materially related with the mass depression of the financial detachment associated with the economic downturn of the world.

The world has already entered the zone of inescapable economic depletion. It is the duty of a true economist and the emerging scientists of the New Age to evaluate the reality without any prejudice. At the present juncture the development process in the business world is departed. It is only attempting to sustain the market, not to expand. Cost cuts, interest rate manipulation, outsourcing and the nature of pumping money to stock market, banking system and other business organizations have nothing to do with the development.  They are the frustrated steps of the capital centric economy. 

All over the world without any productive backing almost all governments has started continuously pumping money to stock market and other financial institutions through the central banking system and the Wall Street Mechanism to overcome the immediate threat of the credit crunch and trying to avoid the danger for the time being. This has already generated an uncontrollable infection in the currency system that will lead the entire world towards the ultimate economic peril where money cannot continue its journey as a medium of exchange.Gautama Buddha says, "whatsoever has originated will be dissolved again. Ego is a mirage; it vanishes like a nightmare when sleeper awakes".

I am spiritually confident that in the approaching days all the economists and the spiritual leaders who foresaw the economic upheaval will come to consensus to re-construct the world into the long awaited Utopian dream of ‘Collective living’. Five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna named this forthcoming collective living as ‘VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM’. Abraham, Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad, and all other outstanding spiritual personalities continued the same journey.

At present, all over the world it is the demand and supply network of the market condition that has reached to the saturation point, not the financial system. Here lies the major difference between my economic predictions and other economists who also foresaw the global financial meltdown, well in advance.

If it is the internal error of the financial system that has reached to the saturation point then there is no doubt that ending the FED or changing the global reserve currency will help humanity to overcome the crisis.

Nevertheless, if it is the demand and supply network of the market condition that has reached to the saturation point then there is a need to take precaution before the sudden meltdown of the global currency system. If you are heartily interested to discuss this matter in-depth, please let me be informed. I have already written about the exact nature of the forthcoming collapse and it’s after shocks.

Now, there is an emergency need to arrange for an international meet which will present a stage for all those people who have accurately predicted the collapse of the financial system, well in advance. At the time of the international meet, let everyone present their paper on the future trend of economics. I will also forward a paper on the exact nature of the forthcoming collapse and its relativity with emerging science of the New Age. My kind request to all of you is: why can’t we plan to arrange an emergency international meet to discuss the subject above in-depth? Let us have profound discussion without any prejudice and come to a joint consensus that will help to re-construct the world. If you permit me to discuss this matter in-depth, I will forward the comprehensive report that will give you the historical origin of the crisis and its space-time relativity with the human being’s profit motive.

In the near future, all forms of the bailout packages of all governments will become outdated to save the precarious down trend of the economy. The final crunch of the currency system will lead the entire world towards the hazardous collapse. Immediately after the powerful crumble, the entire world will behold a grave disorder in the global banking system. In the aftermath, all currencies will lose their complete value. All over the world there will be an unprecedented monetary meltdown. As a result, the export and import business will witness a grinding halt. Then not even a single product will move from one place to another. There will be complete disconnection between human beings and the law and order situation.

Indeed, the great Renaissance of the 18th century was associated with the attractive character of capital and its birth time gravity. The forthcoming Renaissance of the 21st century will be associated with the repulsive character of capital and its death time gravity. In other words, the law of repulsion is connected with the law of detachment.

In the forthcoming days, the strong compressive wave of financial repulsion will give birth to a sudden change in the psychological velocity, density, pressure and temperature of the entire humanity and will spiritually move towards the long awaited Utopian dream of commune way of living.

“The constitution of the Universe may be put in first place among all the natural things that can be known”. – Galileo

Note:Now, we need a new beginning to raise the world unto the infinite height of the universal love and Truth. Let us elevate the world into a height by digesting the true root of science, economics and religion. Let us usher in a new legend of renaissance in the world. Without violating the natural laws of cosmic creation, let us re-construct the world into an innovative height, so that at least the future generations can enjoy the true glory and the infinite happiness of life.

"As a mass of cloud does not know the powerful influence of the wind, a person engaged in material consciousness does not know the powerful strength of the time factor, by which he is being carried".  - Sri Krishna

Note: I am waiting to communicate with all of you about the exact nature of the forthcoming economic turmoil of the world and its relativity with the emerging science of the New Age. Please note that there is no more time left the situation.

Spiritual History of ‘The Judgment Day’

Thank you.

With an unconditional spiritual love and affection,

Chandrakanth Natekar, India

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