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|Includes: AIG, AMBC, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. (GS)

There are a lot of sizzling stocks out there with the market rallying from anticipation of financial profits being released or better-than-expected results that have been released, by a few certain big board companies. I think we all have our opinions on which stocks we’re going gaga over. Here are a few of ours:

$GS Despite the dark cloud hanging around from the fraud investigation, the company reported a solid first-quarter earnings. The firm earned around $5.59 per share, up from $3.39 per share a year ago. And as you can see in today’s market price – we hit that bounce we were waiting for when we posted How to Profit from The Goldman PANIC!

GS will bounce. It’s just a matter of when, in our opinion. Keep a close eye on the market and keep watching for that bottom, it’s likely we’ll see a good series of bounces along the way.

Someone else may be profiting from the Goldman Panic as well AIG market is up almost 5% as it may sue Goldman Sachs Group over $2 billion in losses on insured derivatives.

And let’s not forgot ABK – this stock has been on quite a rally since the release of their higher than anticipated first-quarter results trading up more than 7% after a fantastic rise of 10% yesterday. Not bad numbers at all considering we are trading between $1.95 & $2.05 so far today, and when we first posted Bounce This the close was $0.64.


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