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May Brings Spring Profits

ALL 4 of these companies have a dead line of May 17th, 2010 to file current financials or will be delisted from the OTCBB to the Pinksheets. All 4 companies have received the addition of (NYSE:E) to the end of there symbol for not filing on time. All 4 companies are having there financial requirements serviced by CHFIE. Previous stock handled and managed by CHFIE were ONP, UTA and GFRE. All were pinksheets that are now listed on higher exchanges, having share prices significantly higher then in previous years

ONP Current PPS $10.00 AMEX previously on the OTCBB

UTA Current PPS $9.40 NYSE previously on the OTCBB

GFRE Current PPS $10.35 Nasdaq prevoiusly on the OTCBB

Based on previous track record, CHFI files on the edge each time with all companies. Also has large holdings of stock in each of them.

BFARE was one of the companies that CHFIE was filing for. Take a look at what happened to the chart when they released their financials. This will likely happen to the following companies, so be sure to keep your eye on them.

Another favorite of our is JADAE – we’ve been talking about this one for a while. We lasted posted about it in Investors Feeling Jaded on JADA(E)? we mentioned to watch for a bounce. We’re calling it out now that we will see it before the deadline of the 17th!

We are also watching closely $CNOAE & of course $CHFIE is one to watch as well.

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