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Tom Takes Back HIS Company or Caveat Emptor to the Naked Shorters!

Many of you are having difficulty reconciling the inconsistencies of this alleged sale of Thresher Industries, Inc. (OTCPK:THRR). Many of the ‘bashers’ are having extreme difficulty with completing sentences, spelling errors, and grammar problems.   I believe an examination of the facts actually telegraphs the absence of any variation or discrepancy.
You are not to rely on my opinions, as I offer them solely for your reflective consideration and remember; they are free. You should consider the facts and base your opinion on them! Yes, it would be difficult to divorce myself from my experiences gained as an attorney, accountant, law enforcement investigator, and a teacher.   
To be perfectly clear, I could care less about the ‘bashers’, but to the other reasonable investors attempting to find clarity, please consider the following summary premise, which finds extreme precision when applied against the facts as disclosed.
THRR is not being bought by another public company, instead – it’s Tom taking back HIS company.
Many intelligent investors have pointed to several disconcerting statements, including those surrounding the actual party doing due diligence. Normally, the company buying another entity is the one completing due diligence, not the reverse as disclosed in THRR’s press release. But again in this case, we were told that THRR was actively involved in completing due diligence. This strange circumstance makes perfect sense if THRR is moving from public to private ownership. It is THRR that owes an obligation to its investors to make sure, for instance, that the private individual or company attempting to buy THRR has the financial ability to actually fund the transaction.
Many prudent investors have questioned the early disclosure of a key term concerning the sale of the company. It is not normal to broadcast that the buyer will pay one cent per share for all outstanding and issued shares of a company, as was done with THRR. The answer seems simple; Tom is insulating himself from post transaction lawsuits. If Tom is the buyer - and I think he most certainly is and moreover, I will provide the facts herein from which to draw that reasonable inference, then he has cleverly and loudly announced to the entire world that a premium of five to fifteen hundred percent exists for anyone wanting to invest in THRR.   No Federal Court or the SEC can find a problem where such a premium was made public weeks in advance of the transaction closing. If you want to cry after-the-fact, then the only thing your lawsuit will find is the exit door via an immediately granted Motion to Dismiss.
As it relates to the ‘naked shorters’, you better cover quickly while the price is low. Personally, the SEC should do more than slap your wrist with small fines. For those of you willing to seek verification, then review the Level II materials posted on if you doubt the amount actually fined against just one investment house this year alone and yes, they have shorted THRR. 
I told you that facts and links would follow, so let’s begin.
We can go in chronological order or by substantive thought content, either works. Maybe it would also be beneficial to number the subsequent paragraphs.
1. A very long time ago, Tom (and I hope Mr. Tom Flessner will forgive the presumed familiarity) published a letter to his investors. (see the following link:
Tom states the following on January 9, 2008 (Yes, 2008):
“Since October 2006, none of our officers - CEO, CFO, insiders or control persons - have sold any Thresher stock either issued to them or that they have purchased in the open market. The consensus is that the current price of Thresher stock is outrageously low and undervalued. Once the company shows its true worth to the investment community we believe a more realistic value will be achieved. I speak for those close to the company that feel there is value in the shares they have acquired and they will not sell their shares until value and liquidity have been restored to the company.”
A key point to consider is that Tom is offended by investors’ lack of confidence in HIS company. Additionally, the theme is beginning as it relates to the absence of any insider selling.
For added interest to all of the ‘bashers’ and ‘naked shorters’, consider the last statement contained in that letter and do appreciate that this January 2008 letter has never been removed from his website. I wonder if this action is by design so that Tom will never lose sight of his anger at the absence of investor confidence It is a reminder in the mirror of the crucible that hangs from his company's neck.
Listen to the attitude that sounds loudly when reading Tom's last paragraph.
“Recently there have been misleading and false statements regarding Thresher Industries. First, we are a real manufacturing company with sales and value; we have a strong yet diverse customer base and unique technologies. The company has a clearly defined business plan and we are on track for a profitable year in 2008. We have added strong players to our team, new customers, new materials and a new dedication to become a leader in our industry. I wish all of our investors and business partners a profitable and prosperous New Year.”
If I were a ‘naked shorter’, it might occur to me that if this man gets a chance for revenge, he might just pull that trigger. This early puzzle piece will find an easy fit into the picture that appears later.
2. The stock price falls precipitously low during late 2009 and early 2010. It would be nearly impossible to find a value below .0001! Yet, THRR announces one revenue order after another during 2009, but the investor community ignores Tom’s company. How do you think this factor affected Tom and his life’s work?   If you arrive at any answer other than negatively, then you have not paid attention to the tealeaves.   I personally believe a strategic plan was born and Tom's plan was to take back his company and if a few shorters get hurt in the process so much the better. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold.
3. Again, numerous press releases abound about new orders in late 2009.      On January 26, 2010, Thresher Industries Receives Tooling Order from S&P 500 Conglomerate. 
Press Release Source: Thresher Industries, Inc. On Tuesday January 26, 2010, 9:23 am EST
HANFORD, Calif., Jan. 26 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets: THRR), a California-based manufacturer of precision aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced today that it has received two purchase orders from an S&P 500 company. Thresher began production on both orders and all parts were shipped by the end of 2009. Thresher received two purchase orders for two parts each. After completing inspection and approval, Thresher has finalized production on the purchase orders and booked the revenue in the amount of approximately $70,000 for the fourth quarter of 2009.
"This represents the first and second production orders for our high pressure casting facility and the first use of our proprietary more thermal conductive alloy. The base alloy for our thermal conductive aluminum is 356, which is not only unique but groundbreaking in the high pressure casting industry," stated Tom Flessner, CEO Thresher Industries.”
Take time to correlate orders to stock price and understand such circumstance finds extreme displeasure with Tom. One could also say personal. Again, if I were a ‘naked shorter’, I might run to cover quickly. Will that benefit me, YES, but it also benefits the first to cover. I’m in for the long haul. As to the ‘bashers’, and no personal offense, but you probably gave up long ago due to an absence of attained intellectual ability.
Yet again, another announcement on February 2, 2010, Thresher Industries Receives Outlook for 2010 - $1.4m From S&P 500 Company
If you pay attention, some causal investors might think these are rehashes, but the truth is that they contain substantive information and provide insight into coming orders and expansion of existing orders. All of this activity is real revenue generation, but investors find no excitement. Again, how do you think Tom feels about the investor community when it concerns his company?
The story continues and yes these facts will lead to a reasonable inference that Tom is mad and will take his company back from the investor community. Personally, I understand why this action is absolutely reasonable.
On February 9, 2010, Thresher Industries reveals its continued Testing With Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. 
“Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink Sheets: THRR), a California-based manufacturer of precision aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced today that it has delivered, to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo material sciences department, initial samples of its latest proprietary advanced metal matrix composite "ThermaLite" for inspection of dispersion of the ceramic in the base alloy. Testing includes electronic scanning microscopic evaluation to determine how well the particulates of ceramic are dispersed in the base aluminum as well as elongation, ductility and strength testing of the materials. Thresher Industries has been developing advancements in its manufacturing methods to increase both the speed of manufacturing these materials as well as to allow better grain structure for the alloy. Patent applications for these advancements require this systematic approach to material validation prior to the submission of the patent applications.
Tom Flessner, President and CEO remarked, "We are responding to customer demands for higher levels of material refinement, working with our equipment engineers and Cal Poly Material Sciences Department to validate our materials. The results of initial experiments run in our facility with the upgraded equipment have been very encouraging, as we have seen higher levels of reinforcement. Our customers will require higher volumes of material and to deliver those we need to have the equipment that can do that on a production basis. Prior to this, we have been able to produce up to 3,000 pounds of material per shift, this will triple that capability."
One of the first programs that is taught in a computer programming class is “Hello World!” In this case, maybe “Wakeup World!” The man is disclosing a new and highly pliable and revenue producing product – ThermaLite. 
An interesting article may be found at the following link:
Case Study on Thermalite and Company Overview
To further define the evolution of this new product, THRR announced on February 24, 2010 - Thresher Industries' Newest Material Receives High Marks From Independent Testing. 
“Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink - News) announced today that it has received the positive interim material testing analysis from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Material Sciences Department. The test report concluded the company's own findings on its proprietary material as well as the process used to obtain its superior distribution of particulate in the base aluminum.”
“According to the company, the success of the new material is due to the high level of distribution of the particulate and this is exactly where many companies have failed before. These results will enable Thresher to obtain a large market penetration in this highly profitable industry. The company, through its partnership with Cal Poly San Luis Obispo anticipates further developing this material as well as other materials for strength, wear resistance and heat dissipation for use in vehicles, reducing emissions and fuel consumption via weight reduction in this multi-billion dollar industry.”
"These test results represent a significant milestone for our company in its quest to be a leader in the development of light weight high strength materials," said Tom Flessner, President and CEO of Thresher Industries Inc. "Our now proven ability to manufacture these advanced materials in a cost effective and consistent manner will make our company and product very desirable to the automotive, and aviation industries," further added Mr. Flessner.”
Again, validation of product line is being publicized to the investor community. However, no one seems to be listening.   Could this fact be playing into Tom’s Strategic Plan (NASDAQ:SP)?   Recall that I believe this SP began last year.
Then on February 25, 2010, THRR announces a huge order and relationship with Cooper Industries.
“Thresher Industries (Pink - News) announced today that it has been supplying lighting components to Cooper Industries, Ltd., its previously referred to S&P 500 Conglomerate. These components are being used in a new product line of energy efficient LED light fixtures. "We are very proud to be working with Cooper Lighting, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, on this program. The parts we supply are highly cosmetic, and function as a heat sink due to our advanced materials and high pressure casting process," said Tom Flessner, President / CEO of Thresher Industries. "Production orders were placed, and deliveries began in Q4 2009, with anticipated follow up orders to come soon to our high pressure casting Hanford facility."
“About Cooper Industries
Cooper Industries, Ltd. is a global manufacturer with 2008 revenues of $6.5 billion, approximately 88 percent of which are from electrical products. Founded in 1833, Cooper's sustained level of success is attributable to a constant focus on innovation, evolving business practices while maintaining the highest ethical standards, and meeting customer needs. The Company has eight operating divisions with leading market share positions and world-class products and brands. Cooper, which has manufacturing facilities in 23 countries as of 2008, is incorporated in Bermuda with administrative headquarters in Houston, TX. For more information, visit the web site at Cooper Lighting, a subsidiary of Cooper Industries, is the leading provider of innovative, high quality lighting fixtures and related products to worldwide commercial, industrial, retail, residential and utility markets. For more information, visit”
Hey guys and for those of you that research just a little - look at what Wikipedia states about Cooper Industries. Cooper has a history of taking over other suppliers.
This February 25, 2010, news release and the fact about Cooper’s propensity to absorb other companies is most certainly missing the needed connection of the later news release that is associated with THRR’s sale as announced on March 12, 2010. But, I think Tom’s seed has been sown well before this point in time. Actually, this seed will bear financial fruit in no time at all. I will explain later.
4. Now the stage is set for the March 2010 press releases.
On March 1st THRR announces increased staff due to strong demand. Keep in mind that these opening ‘catch phrases’ are no accident.  
“Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink - News), a California-based manufacturer of precision aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced today that it has had to increase the number of production employees for its high pressure casting division due to increasing demand for its unique cast parts. Thresher has also added to quality assurance staffing and its product finishing staff, due to increasing part orders and necessary throughput on its latest purchase orders, as well as increased purchase orders from its customers.
Tom Flessner, President / CEO added, "We're very pleased to see increasing orders and new customers, our entire staff and field sales support have worked tenaciously over the past 24 months. It is very gratifying to add employees here in Hanford. Working on further material development and research has obviously allowed us to penetrate new markets for Thresher's unique manufacturing niche."
Then on March 3, 2010 another similar disclosure by THRR:
Thresher Industries, Inc. Expanding United States Sales Representation
“Press Release Source: Thresher Industries, Inc. On Wednesday March 3, 2010, 9:21 am EST
HANFORD, Calif., March 3 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Thresher Industries, Inc. (Pink - News) is pleased to announce that it is expanding its sales and marketing initiative to increase its clientele throughout the United States. Thresher is seeking sales representatives to promote its products and introduce its service to a variety of new clients across several vertical markets. The Company is launching its new initiative to stimulate long-term domestic growth.
Thresher Industries provides a full range of aluminum and metal composite alloy castings for a variety of industries including the military, aerospace, agricultural, automotive, sports and recreation. The Company currently markets these services through its Web site for industries in need of metal and aluminum castings. Customers can visit the Company's Web site to request quotes on the types of casting they require.
"We are looking to expand our network of sales representatives and increase our reach into new and untapped markets that could benefit from our products and services. Recruiting sales representatives and outsourcing our sales and marketing departments are the first steps in opening the Company to new opportunities. Our objective for the Company is to increase the revenue and earn a strong net profit as we look forward to this year," stated Tom Flessner, CEO of Thresher Industries, Inc.”
Two more announcements occur on March 4 and March 9, 2010 respectively.
March 4, 2010: Thresher Industries Receives Order for Next Generation LED Lighting Component.
March 9, 2010: Thresher Industries Adds Shotscope(NYSE:R) Process Monitor.
5. On March 10, 2010 the Board of Directors meet to discuss THRR’s affairs. 
On Wednesday March 10, 2010, 9:08 am EST
“HANFORD, Calif., March 10 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Thresher Industries (Pink - News) announced today that the CEO - Tom Flessner has called for a special meeting with its board of directors to review an offer that has been received to buy the company. It is expected that Mr. Flessner will report to the shareholders no later than Monday the 15th of March 2010.”
Has anyone noticed that it is Tom calling this Board of Directors meeting? 
Now for all of you who have not discovered that the first elephant has entered the room. It just appeared out of nowhere.
Important paragraph is now presented:
It is now time to listen to a pod cast of an interview with Mr. Tom Flessner that occurred on March 8, 2010.    If the link does not work then go directly and open this interview that was conducted on CEONEWS.Tv.   ( Go to Thresher on their homepage and click on “interviews and conference calls”. THEN LISTEN CAREFULLY.
What you will hear is a man full of pride and joy over HIS company. At no time will anyone detect an interview with a man that is about to sell what he states as “his life’s work”. Tom details one revenue announcement after another. Increases in sales staff and the company actively working with a ‘Midwest’ university and its relationship with the military. Tom declares once again that not a single insider has sold a single share of stock – at least, as of March 8, 2010. Tom indicates that THRR is a “family” oriented business. This is an interview with a man that will in no way suggest the sell of his company to an outsider! 
Listen-up, Tom also states: “We have World changing technology and I know that is a big thing to say, but I believe we do”. He also declares that ‘share price would return with profitability’ and increased sales.  
After listening to this interview, it would be impossible to believe that Tom has plans to turn HIS company over to anyone, save one exception – Tom. There exists no audible hints of deception and anyone listening to this broadcast will not walk away with the idea that this man would lie. 
This is a man who states that he has “not been this excited since he started the company”. Such a statement does not generate a reasonable foundation from which to deduce that a sell announcement is just forty-eight hours away. 
Another statement contained in this interview reveals the following: “This is what I have lived my whole life to do” when expressing exhilaration over working with Cal-Poly.
Tom discloses that he reads the ‘boards’ and things (referring to investor comments: AKA ‘bashers’) and exclaims with a light chuckle in response to investor lack of confidence in his company: “Really! If you knew what I know”.   Maybe the laugh was in recognition of Tom’s Strategic Plan coming online in just a few hours.  
What Tom knows is that he is taking back HIS company. This man has a passion for his company and what it is accomplishing. You can hear it loud and clear in his voice.
Is it possible for this man to lie? I think not when it comes to his “Life’s Work”! Is Tom capable of executing a Strategic Plan? Absolutely! From my current perspective, it seems flawless.
Tom is 63 years old. From what I can tell, this man is mindful of family and people that are close to him. He refers to HIS company as “World Changing”. Do you really think that Tom plans to turn absolute control over to someone else within a few weeks?
Tom is not happy with the reaction to his company from the investor community. Why should he leave or share the revenue generated from a new “kick-butt” product, as he refers to it, with investors? Tom feels betrayed by the investor community. Tom plans to leave HIS company to family - that is; whenever Tom decides to retire. Quite frankly, and after anyone listens to that interview, Tom’s imminent retirement would be improbable.
6. As for the rest of the releases, I will let them speak for themselves and provide what I see as the connecting dots thereafter. For continuity, I will back-up to March 1, 2010.
Mar. 1st 2010
Thresher Industries Announces Increased Staffing Due to Strong Demand
Mar. 3rd 2010
Thresher Industries, Inc. Expanding United States Sales Representation
Mar. 4th 2010
Thresher Industries Receives Order for Next Generation LED Lighting Component
Mar. 8th 2010
CEO News TV Audio Interview - CEO Thresher Industries
Mar. 9th 2010
Thresher Industries Adds Shotscope(R) Process Monitor
Mar. 10th 2010
Thresher Industries CEO Calls for Special Meeting of Board of Directors
Mar. 11th 2010
Thresher Industries, Inc. Increases Purchase Orders and Quoting Activity
Mar. 12th 2010
Thresher Industries Board of Directors Discusses Sale of Company
Mar. 15th 2010
Thresher Industries Board of Directors Approves Sale of Company
Mar. 16th 2010
Thresher Industries Inc. Moving Forward with Sale of Company
Mar. 17th 2010
Thresher Industries Inc. Initiates Procedures for Sale
Mar. 19th 2010
Thresher Industries Announces Conference Call
Mar. 22nd 2010
Thresher Industries Announces Conference Call
Mar. 26th 2010
Thresher Industries Confirms Offer for 100% Sale of the Company
Apr. 8th 2010
Thresher Industries Continues Due Diligence on Potential Buyer
Apr. 15/19th 2010
Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement- Number Shares Issued to Insiders
Apr. 17/19th 2010/
Thresher Industries Receives Order from Onodi Tool & Engineering
Actually first released on April 17th and reissued on the 19th.
7. There exist semantic connotations with what is being stated by THRR. On March 26, 2010, CFO Rowell issued a very important clarification and I find it rather enlightening and probing.
The headline declares: Thresher Industries Confirms Offer for 100% Sale of the Company. Then Mr. Rowell provides the following highly relevant information:
"I would like to thank everyone who attended the call, and for your positive feedback and continued support. We believe our decision to move forward with the sale of Thresher is in the best interests of our shareholders," said Mr. Rowell. "After the call, we received numerous inquiries regarding the use of term 'mini-tender offer.' I apologize for any confusion this has caused and would like to clarify that the offer we received was unequivocally to buy 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Thresher Industries for $0.01 per share.  We are now starting the due diligence phase of the process and once that is complete the next phase will be the finalizing of all documents necessary to close this transaction; which could be as soon as April 10, 2010. We will continue to update everyone on the process."
Importantly, CFO Rowell affirms that (1) this is not a mini-tender offer, (2) the offer we (OTCPK:THRR) received was unequivocally to buy 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of Thresher Industries for $0.01 per share, and (3) we (OTCPK:THRR) are now starting the due diligence phase of the process and once that is complete the next phase will be the finalizing of all documents necessary to close this transaction.
All investors that have not visited the SEC’s website or that do not know their SEC rulebook by heart, really do deserve to lose their money! 
SEC Rules: Going Private
A publicly held company is potentially eligible to convert to exclusively private ownership when it reduces the number of its shareholders to fewer than 300. Depending on the facts and circumstances, the company may no longer be required to file reports with the SEC once the shareholder total drops below 300. (As of December 31, 2009, THRR had well over 1100 shareholders of record. I would bet you that the number is well above that after the speculation fever hit in March.)
A number of transactions can result in a company converting to private ownership, including:
·         Another company or individual makes a tender offer to buy all or most of the company’s publicly held shares;
·         The company merges with or sells the company’s assets to another company; or
·         The company can declare a reverse stock split that not only reduces the number of shares but also reduces the number of shareholders. In this type of reverse stock split, the company typically gives shareholders a single new share in exchange for a block—10, 100, or even 1,000 shares—of the old shares. If a shareholder does not have a sufficient number of old shares to exchange for new shares, the company will usually pay the shareholder cash based on the current market price of the company’s stock.
If the transaction is initiated by an affiliate (an insider) of the company, or the company could be deemed to be making an acquisition of its own shares Rule 13e-3 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 requires the affiliate and/or the company to file a Schedule 13E-3 with the SEC. When Rule 13e-3 applies, the company is said to be “going private” under SEC rules. While SEC rules don't prevent companies from going private, they do require companies to provide information to shareholders about the transaction that caused the company to go private. The company also may have to file a merger proxy statement or a tender offer document with the SEC.
There appears to be an SEC exception to the following statement noted above: “While SEC rules don't prevent companies from going private, they do require companies to provide information to shareholders about the transaction that caused the company to go private.” If not – good luck in Federal Court.
Going private transactions require shareholders to make difficult decisions. To protect shareholders, some states have adopted corporate takeover statutes that provide shareholders with dissenter's rights. These statutes provide shareholders the opportunity to sell their shares on the terms offered, to challenge the transaction in court, or to hold on to the shares. Once the transaction is concluded, remaining shareholders may find it very difficult to sell their retained shares because of a limited trading market.
8. Consider the following - all us poor investors had to rely upon as it concerns outstanding shares of stock was the prior September 2009 3rd quarter financial report. We all thought (shame, shame on us) 1.4 billion shares issued and outstanding. Additionally, one could figure that about 800,000,000 belonged to “the family” and the rest to Joe-the-Investor.
However, the landscape changed dramatically on April 15 and as subsequently reissued in a more “cleaned-up fashion” on April 19, 2010, the fourth quarter financials and that is when we all gasped for air on learning that Tom had been busy with his Strategic Plan and someone was issuing stock like crazy. I was aghast (horrified).  
Directly Quoted and Copied For Your Reflective Review:
Item VI The number of shares or total amount of the securities outstanding for each class of securities authorized.
In answering this item, provide the information below for each class of securities authorized. Please provide this information (i) as of the end of the issuer’s most recent fiscal quarter and (ii) as of the end of the issuer’s last two fiscal years.
(i) Period end date;
December 31, 2009
(ii) Number of shares authorized;
(iii) Number of shares outstanding;
(iv) Freely tradable shares (public float);
(v) Total number of beneficial shareholders; and
(vi) Total number of shareholders of record.
Anyone can discern that an additional 3.9 Billion Shares were issued – mainly to two unnamed directors (Guess Who!). I wonder what one can do with that kind of power in the open market? Especially, with a company that is now on the move with sales and generating income. I wonder if I were to decide to take back my company, but I needed a little additional money – just exactly how could that be accomplished in a short period of time? I wonder if the news of a sale of my company might generate a price increase in my stock? I wonder if the price of my stock went up twenty times over the issuance price of my newly acquired, but not publicly known 2-3 Billion Shares and if I sold them, would I possess increased financial ability to say – let the price fall a bit and re-buy them and have enough money to buy more shares? I wonder what would happen if the stock went up again and back down somewhat, if I could buy more shares so that my total share count of all issued and outstanding shares could increase again? I wonder if there would be enough money in the bank to either buy outright or obtain a letter of bank credit to buy out the remaining shareholders if that outside non-family share count was reduced to say about 300,000,000 to 500,000,000 shares? 
If Tom, Mr. Rowell, and Tom’s family members have not sold their many Billions of Shares since March 8, 2010, either directly or indirectly, I offer my sincere apology for the aforementioned, reasonable inferences. If you have sold them and assuming you have not run afoul of any SEC rules, my hat is off to you Tom for a brilliant Strategic Plan.
9. On April 15th, Xplosive stocks .com claimed to have an update from Tom wherein they state: “We are eager and pleased to report that all the filings have been completed and that THRR will soon put out news regarding the transaction”.
This statement contains all you need to know and specifically when contrasted against what Mr. Rowell outlined as the process leading to the closing “transaction”. If you align the stars, these words reveal that (1) the due diligence phase is over, (2) the documents necessary for the filing have been completed and assembled, and (3) all that is left is to close the “transaction”.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news for the “Naked Shorters” (not really) – your time is about to expire! 
Literally, Tom can pull the trigger and put you out of his misery at any moment that he so chooses. 
10. The ice cream just keeps rolling in with yet another announcement of a new order for THRR’s product.$3764
This last Saturday morning it was announced that yet another order from Onodi hit the Internet. The story was updated and replaced today (April 19, 2010).
In final summary, we all had it wrong with thinking that another public entity was seeking to buyout THRR.
If you think about it, all of the inconsistencies being acknowledged on the “blogs and message boards” just melts away when you realize that THRR is going “Private” and I will suggest strongly that Tom is taking back HIS company!
Can you blame him? 
And let me answer another question that keeps making the rounds. It concerns the fact that THRR is not worth $54,000,000.00; but consider that if nearly ninety percent is controlled and basically been given to you, then isn’t the company still worth only $14,000,000.00 dollars? In this case, far less - since Tom has been using your money to gain the financial ability to buy his company back. Consider Mr. Naked Shorters, Tom has one more laugh to reveal and that concerns you trying to cover those non-existent shares with real actual stock that most certainly will run the price well above a penny per share. I think old Tom will sell a few shares too.
My opinion is no better than yours, but if I were a “Naked Shorter” and someone lead me to the fountain of facts and ran a thread through the a very small needle, which pierced fact-after-fact and stitch them all together into something more than a reasonable inference, might place me in front of my computer to cover my butt before its too late. 
J. Ogden and old John Henry.

Disclosure: Long THRR