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Wild Wednesday – Nothing Could be Drier Than a Jolly Caucus Race

Forward, backward, inward, outward

Come and join the chase
Nothing could be drier 
Than a jolly caucus race

Backward, forward, outward, inward
Bottom to the top
Never a beginning,
There can never be a stop

To skipping, hopping, tripping fancy free and gay
Started it tomorrow
But will finish yesterday

‘Round and ’round and ’round we go
Until forevermore
For once we were behind
But now we find we are be-

Foreward, backward, inward, outward…

Wheeee – this is FUN!  

Down we go again, giving up 50 points pre-market of yesterday’s gains already – once again punishing anyone who was foolish enough to buy yesterday’s rally.  Like the Wall Street Pelican in the cartoon says: "You HAVE to run with the others if you want to get dry."  Of course it’s impossible for the participants (the bottom 90%) to get dry as they are not on the rock with a warm fire and simply keep getting soaked – over and over again.  But the Wall Street Pelican keeps playing his tune, giving himself a ready supply of dancing fish to snap up whenever he gets hungry.  

Of course, for those who miss the subtlety of the caucus race, Disney also puts in the story of the Walrus and the carpenter.   "The time has come" the Walrus said, "to speak of many things.  Of ships and shoes and ceiling wax and cabbages and
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