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500,000 Thursday - Trump Orders GOP To Kill Over 4,000 People Per Month


The repeal of Obamacare will cost 4,000 Americans per month their lives

You won't save a penny, your own insurance will go up 25%

Unless you have a pre-existing condition, then you simply lose your coverage.

Every 12 minutes.

That's how often an American citizen dies due to lack of health care.  Trump gave a fiery speech yesterday ordering his Republican goons to repeal Obamacare at any costs - and the costs are turning out to be staggering.  According to the Congressional Budget Office, Trump's plan will throw 32 MILLION Americans off health care and that will cost over 500,000 of them their lives over the next 10 years.  

That will make Trump, the GOP and the people who voted for them, the greatest mass murderers in the history of this country - right up there with the worst in World history (would rank #12, actually).  And why are they doing this, why do 4,000+ Americans have to die every month?  Well, according to the Congressional Budget Office, taking health care away from 1 out of 10 people you see today will save us $473Bn - over 10 years.  That's $47.3Bn a year and that does sound like a lot but there are 165M taxpayers so we each save $286.66 per year.  

$286.66 a year!  How many people would you kill for that kind of money?  Next time you are at a football stadium (50,000 people) pick 8 people to kill because that's how many out of 50,000 (1/6,400) are being killed to give you $286.66.  In fact, the amount of people in the stadium (all of them) is just about how many people your vote will be killing each year.  Isn't that GREAT!?!?  America is truly great again when we can value $286.66 over 50,000 human lives.  

And, if you think your own health care bill won't rise quite a lot more than $286.66 without Obamacare protections, then you are way too far down the rabbit hole to be saved.  The repeal-only act will increase premiums for those who hold plans, according to the CBO.  The office estimates that "average premiums in the nongroup market (for individual policies purchased through the marketplaces or directly from insurers) would increase by roughly 25%" in one year.  That average premium increase would hit 50% by 2020 compared to projections of rates under the current law, and double by 2026, the CBO said.

So the murder of 4,000 people a month will cost you far more than it saves you - so why are we doing it?  Because we don't all pay $286.66.  Some of us pay less and some of us, like Mr. Trump and his family and friends, pay a lot more - possibly millions more in taxes just to avoid killing 50,000 people a year - and they won't stand for it. 

In fact, White House aides are already dismissing the Congressional Budget Office scores and calling it "fake news" and the Billionaire-owned Mainstream Media is doing the same.  There's a frenzy to slaughter 500,000 poor people and the Top 1% will have their blood sport - one way or another.  I just want to recap this for the Red State readers - who might not understand what's going on:  Trump wants to repeal Obamacare without a replacement (I warned you on Wednesday) and this will, FOR A FACT, cause 2 things to happen:

  • You health insurance (if you can even qualify because the protections for pre-existing conditions are gone) will go up 25% in the first year. 
  • 17M people will IMMEDIATELY lose their health care, rising to 32M as time goes on.
  • 4,000 - 6,000 American Citizens will die for lack of health coverage EVERY SINGLE MONTH

All of this will happen if you don't CALL (works better than writing) your Congresspeople and especially your Senators and TELL THEM TO STOP IT.  

If not, then just remember that next time you see 6,000 people in one place, pick the one who has to die so you can have your $286.66 or just imagine them all dead this month, and another 6,000 next month, and the next, and the next, while you save $22 for each 6,000 people that die.  

Can you live with that and do nothing?

I can't?