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The Game That's Being Played

Phil's commenarty to Members this weekend on what is wrong with the system:
It’s a very sick game being played because, as you note, the bottom 99.99% are left with national debt levels that work out to $200,000 per person but the top .01% aren’t worried about paying that debt since it’s a tiny part of their assets.  So the game is to build the wealth of 30,000 people and corporations by $1Bn by putting 300M people $100,000 more in debt ($30Tn) and then saying "we’re all in this together" and telling the 299,970,000 people that they’d all better tighten their belts and start paying off the debt but, by the way, if they try to tax you for it - you’ll leave the country - an option not available to the wider slave class.  Unless the 299,970,000 people wise up - there’s nothing left for them in this country but the bill.

Also a note:  Many people asked why Phil's 4th of July Article, titled: "America is 234 Years Old Today - Is It Finished?" was buried in the Instablog.  We do not know - we submitted it for publication and apparently it was not considered fit for the SA audience. 
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