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About Greeks...

This is only my opinion as a European citizen and is only based in what I see in news and what is happening here in Spain. Is evident that Greece will not be able to pay the debt. Perhaps, depending on circumstances they can extend the situation, but basically they don't have the resources to pay the debt.

This situation has generated an important political movement there in Greece (Syriza) and here in Spain (Podemos).

In this scene, if Greece falls, this fact will show the other countries several consequences:

- Recognize what is evident: Greeks can not continue in the euro project.

- Everybody will blame to the greek populist government, particularly in Spain.

- There will be more interventions to save other financial markets.

- The message to the citizens of other countries, specially Spaniards is clear: if you vote the bad guys, you will have troubles.

So, is a matter of time that the bomb will blow up. Beware of the dog..