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It Is Prime Time

The Unites States health care is in flux, and by most expert analyses in crisis. The escalating costs of US health care and the suboptimal outcome measured in both quality and access makes the value of the US health care lower than most civilized nations. The only certain trend in the US healthcare is change without a way to test weather the proposed changes will put the US health care and the US economy in a better position on the local, national or international levels. As the US is standing on the edge of the fiscal cliff, one thing is certain the changes imposed on healthcare will accelerate by further cutting resources and moving forward in implementing health care reforms. Cutting financial resources will force health care delivery systems to further limit human and financial resources and eventually will decrease access to healthcare. The current US health care crisis is, in part, created by our own success. Success of innovations in life science technologies and our continuous ability to quantitatively and qualitatively improve lives. Incremental improvement in health are coming at significantly higher costs than previously achieved. The real solutions for the US health care crisis will again come from innovation. These innovations will be in the form of smarter, personalized and more precise biotechnology and innovative structures and processes of delivery of health care. While these likely to be disruptive innovations, it is prime time to invest in these type of technologies and new structures that provide higher value.

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