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First Post

Today was fun. You made a lot of money if you follow me. I did not buy or sell anything today so I was trying to think of an idea for a post. The idea is to tell you how things have gone for it goes. I ended 2009 up 159% trading out of one account. I now have two accounts and so far in 2010, in one account I am up 101%, and the other account only up 9%. So I was thinking about how I am trading each account, in the 101% upside account I am super aggressive, while the 9% account I have huge diversification and play it fairly safe. I have so many positions in the 9% upside account that the positive calls have barely outweighed the negative calls. Also these are really investments, whereas in the the aggressive account I actively trade usually closing all positions at the end of the day. Everything your read and learn in school tells you to do exactly the opposite of what I am doing in my aggressive account. I am here to tell you that buy and hold is dead, Warren Buffett is old and I am happy for his amazing success but with time comes change. The point is that by combining many great investors and traders ideas I have been able to earn superior results, and this could just be due to a strong but slow bull market. I don't know, maybe I figured something out. What I do know is that it took me over ten years to make consistent money and everyday I learn something new, usually by making mistakes that lose me money. I make a lot of bad trades, I just do not let those bad trades lose me a significant amount of money. If you want to start trading to learn then simply use a small amount of money. In my opinion it is better to dip a little money in the markets to learn than being idel on the sideline in a bull market.

Have a good weekend,