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Why The Philippines Stock Market Index Could Poised To Go Down And Find Some Support At 4900ish

Philippines Index

The Philippines market is poised for a high probable reversal as for the area pattern that I draw. if you would look at the chart it goes higher high and higher low every time but it just creeps up and every time it does, it just becomes weaker and weaker. if you look at the macd it clearly paints the whole picture of pending mini breakdown. as for events that are happening this past few months. The same story is here and there and theres no fresh stories out of overall Philippines business. In terms of fundamental as to what I read in news, broker, etc. There also painting a picture that prices of most stocks now aren't cheap and as for property prices it just the same. I guess is poised for a breather until theres new developments. Its time to lighter up with the market stance until I see momentum moves and joined them and that proves I'm wrong