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The Trader Diary Of An Avid Learner Of Speculation (Financial Market In Philippines 8-4-12)

The market had a huge run up from the base box formation pattern with a 20% run up for about three months. And it retraces back to 23.6 percent from a new high and formed, to which I think is mini high-powered cup with a handle pattern. I am going to be more aggressive since I think this is the 2nd base from the run, so its more of low risk and high reward ratio. But if it breaks the blue trendline I would liquidate 50% of my position. Right now, I am pretty much 65% in the market with proper stocks to buy if it continues more sideway this week I would be pretty much aggressive but if there is no chance. I would prefer sidelines.

Assuming I have 100,000 pesos

I liquidated half of my 25% core position in cmt @ 2.19 and selling @ 2.42

LR stock stopped out to which I bought three days ago. I lost 5% of my 25% position

Vll position to which I bought I think 3 weeks ago. 25% core position

Rcb 25% core position is very slow and had only 2% gain for about 8 weeks of hold. 25% of my core position

My stock picks to look at

Happy Trading :)