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Greek Voters Face Tough Decision For Upcoming Election


Recent polls clearly indicate the collapse of the two major parties and the reinforcement of the left-wing and of those against the country's "financial recovery plan" agreed by Greece's international lenders and the national rescue government. The experience of two years under the financial supervision of the troika, and of consecutive and severe austerity programs has resulted to a meltdown of illusions about "Europeanism." Despite the propaganda by the mainstream media, the constant blackmail "you either apply new measures or you are out of the Euro" no longer works as the majority of Greeks no longer believe that the measures imposed by the EU and the IMF will help the country. In fact, under the current austerity offensive and the dead end into which the powers are driving the Greek economy, such an outcome (default and ejection from the Euro) appears a near certainty anyway. This is the reason why the left parties keep rising in the polls and the reason Lagarde and Merkel appear so worried about the forthcoming elections outcome.