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77 Stocks out of the S&P500 Broke out to the upside yesterday!

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), ADI, AKS, ATVI

It was noticeable that at the end of yesterday’s trading that 77 out of  S&P500 Stocks broke out to the upside yesterday! Quite a significant percentage and could inevitably be the catalyst to retest the April highs. Only one way to find out – if today’s highs are taken out with the broader market then BUY long using the Solas Trend Finder Stops and sell the momentum breakout into momentum and after that see if we get a nice pullback to the Solas Trend Finder trailing stops for another entry and to trail the stops up.

The greatest selling point of the Solas Trend Finder is that it has a couple of times been a ‘LEADING’ indicator as opposed to other indicators by their nature are ‘LAGGING’ indicators – any filtering system by definition is a lagging indicator and as such the user is usually late to the party and late to leave!

Here are a list of some stocks that broke out yesterday -

About Solas Trend Finder:
The Solas Trend Finder is a suite of proprietary trading software algorithms that deliver real time buy and sell conditions on any Stock, Future or Forex pair.