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Options Strategies Now Open

I just wanted to let all of you know that I will be opening up my strategies to everyone tomorrow. So far the response has been overwhelming and I appreciate all of the interest in my statistically-based approach. As I have stated before, I will be limiting my subscriptions to keep the service manageable. If you are interested please sign-up within the next 24 hours.

Again, I only have a few spots left and will be opening up the strategies to the public to fill the remaining spots tomorrow.

Sign-Up Today!!!

The Statistical Truth

I hate to say this about some of my fellow options traders, but I can't tell you how much I abhor those in the industry (you know who you are) that absolutely ruin the true benefits of options for the self-directed investor. Claims of outlandish 300%, 400%, 1200% in just a few days. Encouraging the use of low-probability out-of-the-money puts as a predominant strategy without the mention of selling premium.

It's frustrating. It's frustrating to see so many so-called gurus with no real-world experience act as options traders when their services fail time and time again. Again frustrating.

For some reason investors don't crave what's truly important, realistic strategies with realistic gains. Transparency. Knowing that trading isn't easy and is a life-long endeavor and that while the journey may be bumpy at times over the long haul it is worth all of the effort. A long-term approach to short-intermediate-term trading with high-probability trades as its foundation. Selling credit at every extreme. Always talking about the importance of position-sizing. Always considering risk-management.

Why would people rather join services that tout such outlandish claims? It is beyond me. Are self-directed investors really that gullible? Why do they continue to fight statistics?

It is my hope that I have carved and will continue to carve a slice of decency and transparency into the options world. I am certainly not perfect, but I know that selling options is a valuable strategy with an overwhelming statistical advantage. And it is my goal to teach as many self-directed investors as I can about the benefits they offer.