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Trading the Emini's: Chart Set Up

By: Jeff Niles

Day trading the e-mini markets requires a certain set up in order to be successful. Individuals need access to reliable charts that are up to speed and easily identifiable. Many traders track a multitude of markets and setting up your charts and screens can be the difference between success and failure.

In today's global markets competition for your business is stiff when it comes to trading software. There are new companies forming all of the time and no two packages are created equal. Technology has levelled the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street as now retail traders have the capability of using the exact same software and data feeds as the major institutions.

So how can you take advantage of all this progress in charting packages?

1. Do Your Homework

Many traders feel paralysed by the number of charting packages out there. Technical jargon confuses and misleads traders as to what they have and what they really need to be successful. Different types of data feeds add to the confusion. The best thing to do is to shop around. Look on message boards and forums and find out what others are using. You can easily find out the pros and cons of any system this way. No two charting packages are created equal so browse around and find one that suits your trading style.

2. Customize Your Set Up

Modern day trading software is very powerful technology. If you are unhappy in anyway with the system there is no reason to stick with it. Customize your set up so that you feel comfortable using it. In the majority of available options for retail traders you can literally change everything around to a setup that suits you. Take advantage of this feature and make the most of your screen space.

3. Stay Updated

Regularly check for system updates on your charting set up. An e-mini trader needs reliability and needs to be able to trust his charts. Skipping important updates can lead to software malfunction which at best means time away from the market and at worst means incorrect levels reading when you are inside a trade.

The number of options available to the average e-mini trader is truly astounding. Different companies and different software all competing for your business means you have a huge range to chose from. Do yourself a favour and take advantage of the multitude of choice. Find a system that meets your needs and then customize it to your liking. Don't settle for mediocre when there are so many possibilities out there.

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