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Turkey's Attempts To Destabilise Syria Backfire

In an effort to overthrow the govt of Syria , Turkey's has transformed into intelligence and logistical hubs for the CIA and the Mossad in the process, complete with an intelligence "nerve centre" in Adana. Despite Turkey's denials, reports about Adana are undeniable and Turkish officers have also been apprehended in covert military operations against the Syrian Arab Republic. The Turkish Labour Party has even demanded that the US General Consul in Adana be deported for "masterminding and leading the activities of Syrian terrorists." Mehmet Ali Ediboglu and Mevlut Dudu, two Turkish MPs, have also testified that foreign fighters have been renting homes on Turkey's border with Syria and that Turkish ambulances have been helping smuggle weapons for the insurgents inside Syria.

These efforts of Turkish intelligence,CIA And Mossad to arm Al Qaeda and their Islamist affiliates have backfired with Syria starting to arm the PKK separatists who want independence with heavy weaponry ,due to which the PKK has started attacking Turkish military forces and is attacking and kidnapping govt officials and Opposition MP's.

Segments of the Turkish military are at odds with the Turkish government and the military itself is divided over Turkish foreign policy of funding Islamist and Al Qaeda affiliates or going to Syria as such actions could backfire creating an islamist insurgency in Turkey. Erdogan does not even trust half of Turkey's own military leaders and has arrested forty of them for planning to overthrow him. How can he send such a force to even attack neighbouring Syria or think that he can control it during a broader war? Any invasion of Syria by Turkey or NATO would lead to Syria unleashing its chemical and biological weapons which would lead to millions of deaths in Turkey and cause a mass exodus and refugee crisis for its friendly neighbor states like Azerbaijan,Georgia.Also if it does not come to invasion does not occur by Turk military it could cause an islamist insurgency in a similar way that Pakistan faces due to its sponsorship of Terror in India. Also such insurgencies tend to spill over in neighboring states also. Plus PKK is making significant strides in fighting the Turkish army with the heavy weaponry they recently acquired from Turkey.

Also ,certain unconfirmed reports suggest that some of the towns in Turkey are under PKK control and Turkish military has failed to recapture them .