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Email Marketing Guide Increase Business Sales

Many ask, do email marketing campaigns really work. Well, yes. But it often depends on the methods used for your email marketing campaigns. Are you sending boiler-plate bulk emails that are not personalized to the sales lead? Test the email in multiple accounts to verify your web links actually work and that HTML graphics show-up properly. Find out if your email blasts are just ending up in people’s spam folders that are rarely ever read.
Be sure to alternate your message and email subject title – don’t make it overly complex with extensive paragraphs. Make it simple stupid, as they say with actionable titles. Phrases like, “Do you want to Make $1 Million Dollars?” or “How to Save 10% on Your Next Bill” etc. 
Use keywords and tags that draw search engine optimization by Internet users. Customize email messages to fit the needs of the recipients; don’t try to do everything in one email. Leave the door open to respond and follow-up on leads continuously building your sales pipeline.
eNewsletters are great and they can be effective but how many people really open a PDF attachment. Many times its more effective to use a online brochure or flier setup link, where the lead simply clicks on the URl to view your sales message.
Rotate the email box you are sending the sales emails from so that spam blockers will not generally filter out your follows-ups. It’s easy now for users to add your email address to their spam blocker; eliminating your future marketing efforts.
Make email title and message short with specific action requests and incentives. Always, list complete contact information to better serve potential customers and add creditability to the email campaign. There’s nothing like an impersonal email that does to clearly identify the sender. Its usually thought to be a spam for trash.
Watch your Inbox for “Undeliverable” emails that maybe outdated addresses or spam blocked. If there are many returns try sending the message from a different provider i.e. Yahoo!, Google, Bing, Facebook etc.  Call the sales lead to verify the correct email address if returns persist.
Show respect for others by removing them from your email list if they request it. Ask them if there is another channel to contact them with your most important marketing campaigns. Some people like snail mail - others have alternative email for general mail etc.
Buying leads can be effective if the leads are high quality and not over worked. Get fresh leads that have not been pasted around from sales rep to sales rep. People get tired of large volumes of marketing emails jamming up their Inbox.
Offer something new that adds value to the prospects needs and goals. Give them incentives like 5% savings discounts for acting within a limited time etc. Try bonus two for one deal’s or applications to future purchase. 
Make it easy for the lead to purchase your product or services instantly online with the click of button. eCommerce features shopping carts like Paypal and VISA can be embedded into the email i.e buy now links accelerate sales.