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Outlook of Markets for Tomorrow


  • In an uptrend within a range that extends from 38.57 to 33.59.

  • Uptrend that started at 35.00 and has run up to 38.24.

  • Watching for a correction to play on the short side.


10y T-bond

  • May be retesting the support level on the Daily chart today. Daily chart trend is up. I'm long biased.


Natural Gas

  • Today was a three wave formation and price climbed as high as 4416, settling around 4400 and forming a range.

  • Watch out for a retest of the support level on the daily chart below 4300.

  • Approaching confirmation of an uptrend on the daily chart.

  • Could be starting a correction. Daily chart trend is still long. May be playable on the short side.


  • This could be the retest of the high that starts a down trend or the resumption of an uptrend.

  • Shorts aren't there until below the low made earlier this week. Longs are still worthy of being traded.