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As January Goes....

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), FCX, VALE

We posted some more good winners today - have now locked up SIX solding gains into this new year.  We picked up some new trades this week as well for February, but if you're not getting them in a timely manner than now is your CHANCE - we have earnings season coming up and this should be a great time to make money.  But you won't be getting the timely trades unless you sign up here.  It's a paltry amount compared to what you can make.  Take a chance on yourself and let's get this year off on the right start.

Today's winners:

# January 13, 2011
# 09:48 | Bagger Vance AAPL ($346.00) Sold to Close AAPL JAN 340 CALL Jan 340 calls, at $11.25 +108%
# 09:47 | Bagger Vance VALE ($36.78) Sold to Close VALE 012111 35 C Jan 35 calls, at $1.88 +50%
# 09:45 | Bagger Vance FCX ($121.50) Sold to Close FCX FEB 120 CALL Feb 120 calls, at $6.55 +54%

The Apple trade was about five weeks old - shows that you can make a killing even by being patient.

Markets had a tight range today after yesterday's robust gains.  It seemed there would be some followthrough but the buyers stopped right near the open.  Still, a very small six point range that is predicted by a low VIX.  Turnover picked up today but breadth was lousy, bonds had a good day even though today's auction was less than favorable.  Gold got hammered as did silver - some words from Bernanke and others today may have spooked the gold bugs.  Economic numbers were rather mixed but the PPI came in a bit on the hot side.  Intel reported blowout numbers after the close and is poised to raise tech tomorrow, which is the last trading day for the upcoming three day weekend.  In the am JP Morgan steps into the confessional, we'll have a first look from the banks.

The old saying - as January goes, so goes the year - may be in effect.  The beginning of the year has been solid so far, we'll see if this continues the next few weeks.

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