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IBM and AAPL Deliver Strong Earnings

|Includes: AAPL, International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), ISRG, JOY, MOS, WDC

More of the same, but of course we took advantage of some nice early moves and booked solid gains!  Again, if you're not subscribed then you're just missing the boat.  Here are three big winners booked from this morning:

# January 18, 2011
# 10:57 | Bagger Vance ISRG ($295.00) Sold to Close ISRG FEB 300 CALL Feb 300 calls, at $11.30 +183%
# 07:40 | Bagger Vance MOS ($84.70) Sold to Close MOS 021911 80 C Feb 80 calls, at $6.60 +103%
# 07:40 | Bagger Vance JOYG ($92.80) Sold to Close JOYG JAN 90 CALL (012211) Jan 90 calls, at $3.10 +114%

A long, three day weekend after a strong finish as we had last week is usually a recipe for lull.  After all, the VIX plunged and flashed high signs of complacency.  News over the weekend on Apple and Steve Job seemed to be the harbinger of the action, and even though Apple had earnings due after the close it seemed rather difficult to put new positions in place.  The company delivered as promised, however...and was up sharply.  In fact, IBM and WDC, two tech names also soared in afterhours.  Some other names will be up to the plate this week and if these earnings are any sign then it could be a good time over the next few weeks.  Put/calls were rather low last week but pulled up today.  Tomorrow am is the ending of the Jan VIX trades, we'll be moving into February.  The 1300 level seems to be good resistance but we'll see if it gets tested this week.

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