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Strike-Priced Stocks for July 15, 2009

|Includes: AB, CSX Corporation (CSX), EGLE, EXM, OMNI, ON

Our member Quarryman has had considerable success at option plays of stocks as they cross into the money, and has a great love of leverage.   A good way to screen the market for such stocks is needed.

I did a scan and spreadsheet analysis for stocks with the desired characteristics: (1) gain of 5% or more today, (2) higher volume than usual, and (3) optionable.  Then I looked through the scan for stocks at the usual strike prices.  Here is what I found for today.

Stocks closest to a $2.50 strike price:
OMNI at $2.30
HNSN at $2.74

Stocks closest to $5 strike price:
EGLE at $4.88 (I like)
GAIA at $5.07

Stocks closest to $7.50 strike price:
EXM at $7.41 (I have some)
FCS at $7.84

Stocks closest to $10 strike price:
DCOM at $9.86
HLX at $10.20

Stocks closest to $12.50 strike price:
None are close.

Stocks closest to $15 strike price.
EXH at $15.07

Stocks closest to $20 strike price:
AB at $19.47

Stocks closest to $25 strike price:
NRG at $24.85
CEDC at $25.10

Stocks closest to $30 strike price:
None close

Stocks closest to $35 strike price:
CSX at $34.80

Not all strike prices are the same.  Because of the price significance of certain prices, and the psychological importance, stocks may show resistance or support at some typical option strike prices.  The most obvious is $5.  A stock generally experiences selling when rising to $5, and buying when falling to $5.  Part of this is psychological, but part is due to practical matters such as (1) changes in margin requirements at a certain price, (2) stocks over $5 become eligible for purchase by certain closed end funds, mutual funds, or hedge funds, which are otherwise constrained by internal policy.  Other strike prices have little or no support/resistance effects, such as $12.50, and $2.50.

To use these results, just evaluate each stock on its technicals and fundamentals, and choose the optimum name to buy, then ask for a blessing from the Goddess of Leverage.  Good Luck.

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