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My First Book Published!

First of all, happy MLK Day!!

Just 5 years ago, when I first started blogging and created this site, social networks were just starting to pick up momentum. Now, for many of us (more so for some than others) social networking is becoming a major part of our lives. We keep in touch with our friends on Facebook and our colleagues on LinkedIn; we receive real-time info on Twitter; we share our likes and dislikes as consumers on Yelp...etc. It is becoming vastly apparent to me that the human consciousness is in a phase of "sharing" and "cooperation". We share the details of our lives (some more discreetly than others) with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse; we share our knowledge or findings with the blogs that we write; we share any information we find online with simple links. Not only is the world becoming smaller, the sense of working together and that somehow we are all connected is becoming stronger and stronger.

I have been writing my first book, but, was not sure when the "proper" time is to publish it. I watched the movie "I AM", directed by Tom Shadyac, in which Tom "speaks with intellectual and spiritual leaders about what's wrong with our world and how we can improve both it and the way we live in it" ( In the movie, Tom points out that having the capability to cooperate and to feel compassion towards one another may be among the highest values of being human. It just happens that my manuscript came back during the week from some of my trusted readers. I thought to myself, "Well, it is perhaps a sign and a time as good as any to publish the book now!"

Global markets are on the rise! SPX just closed at a 5-year high last week, and with the Dow not far from its own 5-year high. Perhaps it's time for me to do my part of the "sharing" and "cooperation"?! This is perhaps an unpopular concept in the financial world. In this industry, its a "dog eat dog" world! Competition is everything. You must beat the next guy to succeed - at least that seems to be the mentality. And, with the "high speed" trading (which are controlled by powerful computers, owned by big financial firms, running complex algorithms) changing the landscape of the financial markets, retail investors/traders seem to be at more of a disadvantage than ever! However, math is math, and the numbers do show up in the charts when big movements and trends are being made. Well, that is a big part of my game: analyzing the charts! So, I thought I start by sharing some of what I know. Some things that are easy enough for most investors and traders to understand. Things that all of my readers and members, and their friends, can use!

I spent most of this long weekend editing and revising the manuscript, and just went through a long process of formatting my book for e-publishing on Smashwords this afternoon. So, here it is, my first book: "Wouldn't You Like to Know Where the Stock Market is Heading?" - A Guide for Retail Investors/Traders to Technical Analysis. In this book, I go into details of how to use just a couple of technical indicators to analyze a chart. I provide a 4-step process in identifying trends for various time frames, and give examples of actionable and "non"-actionable trades. I further explore the use of market indices and sectors, which is how I write my weekly Market Forecast & Sector Watch.

Since I just published the book, it is perhaps not available on all platforms yet (and, I'll still have to go through the publishing steps for Kindle tomorrow), it is right now available on Smashwords. You can follow this link:

to purchase. You do not need to have an ebook device to be able to read it. In fact, you can read it right on your computer and it's probably better because the screen is bigger. Note: there are A LOT OF charts!! The most popular format is the "EPUB" format, which is also what iPad uses. You can go to Adobe at and download a FREE EPUB reader for your computer. Or, if you prefer the Kindle format, you can get a FREE Kindle reader:
for your PC at or
for your Mac at

After installing the proper e-readers for your computer, you can download the corresponding format for the book and start reading!

I also thought the timing cannot be better right now as earnings season is about kick into full gear this week. It would also help everyone to see how the market moves as the debt ceiling debate goes on.

I plan to continue to update this book with new versions and/or perhaps completely new books. I'd like to start sharing my own trading experiences as well, which I think will be very useful to a lot of people. I hope that my efforts can start a new trend in the financial industry, that people will start sharing more "secrets", more of what they know, what they find useful or not useful, more ideas, more information; and, especially so on our site, since the whole idea was to "create wealth together"! Instead of being afraid of what happens when you let your secrets out, I believe that the more we share the better we become. At least this is where I feel that the "Flow" or the "Force" is heading, if you know what I mean! =)

Cheers and HappyTrading! ™

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ps. Oh, yeah, I'll be back in a hour or so with this week's Market Forecast!