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Markets Are Running in Place - Ready to Move Higher

|Includes: BBBY, DNDN, Rare Element Resources Ltd. (REE)

For the past week or so the markets have really gone nowhere, the range tightening up.  Of course, we expect that with the collapsing VIX - currently sitting around 17%.  Not much fear, but that leaves the market vulnerable to shocks like today - another Japan earthquake, and then we have oil, where crude hit $110 for the first time in nearly three years.  This market just seems to want to go higher, especially as the QE2 comes to an end in June.  After that, we can figure it out but for now it's time to make money.  Gold and silver were strong and finally we saw financials participating.

Today we booked some nice winners including a whopper of a gain on BBBY (see the chart below).  We bought this two weeks ago at 3.8 and made a 143% gainer as the stock rocketed 10%.  But, only those who got on board with the email alerts got the trade.  Oh, not getting those?  Easy to sign up - click this link here - and you'll be cashing in big winners like this one!  One contract - paid for an entire year!!  Think about it!  We still have more in the oven, ready to come out any day now!  The trading room has been HOTTER THAN A PISTOL lately with some great new member contributions.  You get 1 month of FREE access to the trading room if you make a new subscription to one of my services (for new subscribers only).  What are you waiting for?   The market is only getting better here for trading, don't miss out!

Booked winners today:

# April 07, 2011
# 07:28 | Bagger Vance REE ($14.40) Sold to Close REE APR 12.5 CALL Apr 13 calls, at $1.90 +90%
# 07:18 | Bagger Vance DNDN ($38.85) Sold to Close DNDN MAY 35 CALL May 35 calls, at $4.65 +43%
# 07:15 | Bagger Vance BBBY ($54.00) Sold to Close BBBY MAY 45 CALL May 45 calls, at $9.25 +143%

Look forward to passing on some more winners!  Hit 'em straight,

from by Bagger Vance 
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