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How to Interpret the Recent Action: MET, REE, DNDN, BBBY, DE

|Includes: BBBY, DE, DNDN, MetLife, Inc. (MET), REE

I'm sure many of you are as puzzled as I am about the market action.  For some reason the market won't seem to go down, and in those moments of panic the dipbuyers come in with the heavy artillery.  High oil prices?  No deal.  More devastating news from Japan?  No problem.  Budget impasse in the US?  No issue.   Middle East tension?  No worries.  Global inflation?  Not a chance.  For the week the SPX was down a measly four points, the Dow was up four points, the recently outperforming Russell 2K was down about half a percent.  With the overbought condition, complacent attitude about risk and the issues mentioned earlier - the markets could not come down.  We know there is liquidity - the markets are flooded with it, seems the best home is in equities (for now).  QE2 is deemed to end just before Independence Day, perhaps the markets will find independence from the Fed.  Whatever the reasons for selling (or lack thereof), just playing the charts, technicals and signals is the best way to make money in this challenging market.

We had a great first week of April - booking nice winners and adding some new plays.  You may recall my chart of BBBY earlier in the week, that was a huge winner for us.  But, if you're not getting the alerts (click here to get started) then you are just missing out on the OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME.  The winners below are just a sampling, and buying only a few contracts would cover more than a year's worth of the service.  The trading room has been on fire lately, guys like BillbigD, Frosty, JJvolt and of course the gracious host, Happy, who has been on an amazing HOT streak for it up with winner after winner. It's clearly the BEST trading room around with the BEST idea flow.  TIME FOR YOU TO GET INVOLVED!!!  If you get started with this email service (1 to 3 months) you get access to this most valuable trading room for an entire month - FREE.  Nothing in life is free, but this is a great opportunity for you to catch on and build wealth.  My closing trades this week:



# April 08, 2011

# 09:00 | Bagger Vance MET ($44.70) Sold to Close MET APR 48 PUT Apr 48 put, at $3.30 0%

# April 07, 2011

# 07:28 | Bagger Vance REE ($14.40) Sold to Close REE APR 12.5 CALL Apr 13 calls, at $1.90 +90%

# 07:18 | Bagger Vance DNDN ($38.85) Sold to Close DNDN MAY 35 CALL May 35 calls, at $4.65 +43%

# 07:15 | Bagger Vance BBBY ($54.00) Sold to Close BBBY MAY 45 CALL May 45 calls, at $9.25 +143%

# April 04, 2011

# 11:30 | Bagger Vance DE ($99.03) Sold to Close DE APR 95 CALL Apr 95 calls, at $4.55 +90%

Have a great weekend!  See you all Monday in the trading room