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Another Solid Week

|Includes: CME Group Inc. (CME), JOY, LVS, WYNN


A banner week as we picked off winner after winner!

April 09, 2010
# 06:30 | Bagger Vance RGLD ($52.00) Sold to Close MJQ 04172010 50 C Apr 50 calls, at $1.70 +113%
# April 06, 2010
# 07:43 | Bagger Vance JOYG ($60.30) Sold to Close JQY 041710 60 C Apr 60 calls, at $1.60 +70%
# April 05, 2010
# 08:10 | Bagger Vance CME ($323.00) Sold to Close CME 0417 320 C Apr 320 calls, at $7.50 +21%
# 08:10 | Bagger Vance CME ($323.00) Sold to Close CME 0417 320 C Apr 320 calls, at $7.50 +21%
# 08:09 | Bagger Vance FWLT ($29.00) Sold to Close UFB 0522 30 C May 30 calls, at $1.40 50%
# 08:07 | Bagger Vance CNX ($45.00) Sold to Close SDF 0417 45 C Apr 45 calls, at $1.45 +38%
# 08:06 | Bagger Vance LVS ($22.00) Sold to Close LJJ 0417 22 C Apr 22 calls, at $2.00 +90%
# 08:04 | Bagger Vance WYNN ($80.80) Sold to Close UWY 0417 80 C Apr 80 calls, at $2.90 +93%

I can't re-emphasize enough how critical the timing is to get into trades.  Yes, I do 'talk' it up in the trading room, but you're not getting the right entries if you're trying to follow along.  The email alerts are the BEST way to get on board and share the winning experience with me!  The trading room is an unbelievable wealth of knowledge, too.


It's interesting, the markets started the week very hot after the long weekend and the very encouraging jobs report, and it never really gave up much ground.  The end of the week finished with a bang as indices climbed 4/5 sessions.  What's important now is we're coming up on strong resistance levels at milestones:  1200 for SPX and 11K for the Dow.  Should there be trouble?  Well, the market has been taking things in stride, and if you were looking for a reason to sell, wouldn't now be the time?  The answer to that question for the last 1000 pts on the Dow has been mostly NO.  Fear is absent and has been receding for months.  Take a look at the chart below and you'll see.  Lacking a catalyst (wasn't it supposed to be Greece?) the markets are in good shape to keep moving ahead.  My opinion is the markets have NOT discounted the earnings as of yet.

Have a great weekend, hit 'em straight!

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